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Calculha (1)
General Information
Real name: Calculha
Relative(s): Dark Majistra (Mate; Deceased)
Ahri'ahn (Son)
Garn Daanuth (Son; Deceased))
Race: God[1]
First Appearance: Warlord #55 (March, 1982)
Created by: Neal Pozner
Craig Hamilton
Affiliations: Ancient Atlantis
Occupation(s): Formerly Sorcerer Supreme, Lord-Mage
Abilities: Sorcery, Immortality, Cosmic Awareness

Calculha (also spelled Caculha) was a former and very power Mage-Lord of Ancient Atlantis, hailed as being it's greatest and last.[2]


Follower of the light, Calchulha eventually met his equal in the form of the evil sorceress, Majistra. However, the two mated with one another giving birth to the twin children Arion and Garn Daanuth, when Majistra consolidated her power base, Calculha placed himself into self-imposed exile in the Dark World, sacrificing himself to stop Majistra's madness once and for all.

Powers and Abilities[]



  • Calculha is noted to be a God during Secret Origins #11 (Feburary, 1987), the issue in which deals with Power Girl's origin. Despite the story itself being revealed to be a lie by Arion much later, Atlantean Chronicles #1 states that Arion himself is a "demi-god".
  • His name has also been spelled as "Calchula" and "Caculha".

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