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General Information
Real name: Boduhr
First Appearance: Aquaman #28 (August, 1966)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Doctor Starbuck
Abilities: Underwater Breathing
Portrayed by: None

Boduhr was a gorilla that was a successful test subject for Doctor Starbuck's experiments in making airbreathers able to breath underwater.


Boduhr was given the ability to breath underwater by Doctor Starbuck. When Aquaman and Aqualad were caught in an underwater explosion, Boduhr, Krakka and Doctor Starbuck rescued the duo. This was part of Doctor Starbuck's plan to get into Atlantis and use the Atlanteans to attack the surface world. He takes out Aquaman and Aqualad by knocking them off Storm and Imp into the Dungeon Depths and then drugs Mera and locks her away, leaving Aquababy as the ruler of Atlantis and Doctor Starbuck as Regent. He orders Boduhr and Krakka to lead an attack on a desalinization plant on the surface claiming it to be Arthur Jr.'s will. They next lead an attack on a nuclear submarine again apparently on Arthur Jr.'s orders. On the surface, Captain Bradley is unable to contact Aquaman, not knowing he is trapped in the Dungeon Depths, so has to make the decision to destroy Atlantis to prevent future attacks, however he doesn't know where it is. Aquaman is able to escape from the Dungeon Depths and disguises himself as a Navy diver and is taken before Aquababy who apparently demands the "diver" fights Boduhr to the death. Boduhr and Aquaman then engage in battle, Boduhr was armed with a net and trident. Boduhr gets the upper hand and knocks Aquaman to the floor. Doctor Starbuck orders him to deliver the killing blow but the gorilla was stopped by a hard-water sphere created by Aquababy. Aquaman used the sphere to knock Boduhr out and then used the gorilla's net to catch Krakka the sea eagle. Boduhr, Krakka and Doctor Starbuck are then handed over to Captain Bradley.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Underwater breathing

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