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Atlanteans are an offshoot race of water-breathing humans who primarily reside and/or are from Atlantis whose biological adaptations allows them to survive in the ocean.



Atlantean and human relations[]

When referring to ordinary humans, Atlanteans typically call them by the term "surface dwellers" although "human" is uncommonly used to refer to them also.[3] A more aggressive slur used by Atlanteans to refer to them is "dry-mouth".[4]

Powers and Abilities[]




  • Accelerated Dehydration: Atlanteans dehydrate at a accelerated rate compared to human. Though Atlanteans possess lungs enabling them to breathe air, Atlanteans not acclimated to dry land become exhausted after a limited amount of time, requiring a level of training to breathe air at a rate comparable to humans.
  • Vulnerability to Sensory Overlord: With their enhanced senses, an Atlantean can be overtaxed to from external stimuli. Sunlight is noted to be difficult for Atlanteans to get use to, sometimes requiring them to wear thick goggles. Hypersonics are also capable of disorienting their senses.

Language and Culture[]


Atlanteans have highly advanced structures and technology, which are possible due to the different materials and energy sources that are at their disposal. It is commonly believed that they possess mystical or divine powers. This could be true, or it can be as of yet unexplained sciences.


  • Certain Atlanteans, like Xebellians, grow at twice the human rate.[5]


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