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Atlantean Royal Palace
General Information
Official name: Atlantean Royal Palace
Created by: Nick Cardy
First Appearance: Aquaman #33
(June, 1967)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: Atlantis
Locale: Poseidonis


Located in the center of the capital city of Poseidonis, the royal palace was the tallest and most extravagant building in the entire city. This was the home renigning monarch, his family, entourage and council elders. Over the years, the palace has known many rulers including the King Trevis, the interim ruler King Pletus, the corrupt King Thesily, King Orin and Lord Vulko.

When a species of sentient Giant Jellyfish took control of Atlantis, they used the throne room as their primary base of operations. Aquaman led a resistance cell against the invaders and killed them by releasing poisonous gas into the palace.

During this time, Mera, driven insane by the death of her son, fought against her husband Aquaman and was nearly killed in the throne room when Aquaman accidentally impaled her upon an upturned piece of metal.

A short time later, the Atlantean Royal Palace was destroyed when Oumlandian nuclear submarines bombarded Poseidonis with torpedoes, destroying the great dome. The palace was subsequently rebuilt.

Several years ago, the Royal Palace suffered great structural damage when a sea quake (caused by Tiamat) caused the throne room to collapse, killing King Thesily.


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