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Atlan, infamously known as the Dead King, was once a revered king and figure in Atlantean history, vaunted as the "Father of Atlantis". Unknown to most historicians of the modern Atlantis, the once good king decended into anger and madness when his brother, Orin, usurped the throne and killed his family. Driven by vengance, he slew his brother and sunk Atlantis. Although he was responsible for the nation's legendary fall, this history was unknown to most and his legacy erroneously continued through his brother's surviving descendants.[2]



Ancient Atlantis era[]

Legendary Exploits[]

During his lifetime, Atlan performed deeds both good and bad, including:

  • Designed and inacting the barrier that later sealed off the exiled kingdom, Xebel.[3]
  • Banished Hercules and the Giant-Born to the Azores despite once being his ally.[4]

Sinking of Atlantis[]

During the last days of his reign, he was betrayed by his brother Orin and by his people. His brother and his allies killed his wife and children while he and his loyalists were hunted. Within that time he forged the Six Artifacts of Atlantis with his arcane knowledge. He returned years later and without uttering a single word, killed his brother and his queen and as Atlantis was plunged into a civil war he finally spoke after years of silence, "Let it all...die" and using his great strength sunk the great nation he had spent his lifetime building. He would later enter a magical sleep for centuries afterwards.[2]

Modern Era[]

Aquaman: Death of a King[]

The Dead King was awakened by Vulko in Antarctica, when Aquaman used his telepathy on a global scale, claiming that Aquaman is mistaken to thing he is the king of Atlantis. He proceeded to destroy a research station and kill it's personel. After that he found Mera and took her to Xebel, a pocket dimension hidden in the Bermuda Triangle and used as an ancient Atlatnean prison. Aquaman then traveled to Xebel to free Mera but was shocked to hear that his ancestors murdered the Dead King's family and usurped the throne. After a brutal fight, Aquaman freed Mera and the rest of the citizens of Xebel but they sided with the Dead King recognizing him as the true ruler of Atlantis, except for Mera. They managed to escape to Atlantis but found it being attacked by Scavenger's Fleet. During the battle, the Dead King and the Xebel colony arrive and Aquaman blacks out through straining himself too much in an attempt to control Topo.



Atlan possess a vast array of magical abilities, including cyrokinesis (the ability to generate and control ice) and has a arsenal of magical weaponry.[1]


His magical abilities afford him vast capabilities, able to grant himself the ability to breathe, swim, and move freely like normal Atlanteans underwater and heighten durability able to withstand being slammed by a large ship. He also possess heighten senses[5], his control over cyrokinesis powerful enough to overpower xebellian's aquakinetic powers[6], and can create barriers to seal off locations.[3]

In addition to his magical abilities, Atlan possess a unnatural level of inhuman durability without the usage of his magic for protection, demonstrated when he manage to withstand being stabbed by numerous attackers. He also possessed a high level in knowledge of arcane lore, able to construct magical weaponry out of Nth metal.[2] He was also a proficient warrior, a skilled unarmed combatant and equally skilled with a trident.[5]




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