Arion (Pre-Flashpoint) (1)
General Information
Real name: Ahri'ahn
Current Alias: Arion
Relative(s): Dark Majistra (Mother; Deceased)
Calculha (Father; Deceased)
Garn Daanuth (Brother;Deceased)
Lady Chian (Wife; Deceased)
Race: Homo Magi Demi-God[1]
First Appearance: Warlord #55 (March, 1982)
Created by: Paul Kupperberg
Jan Duursema
Affiliations: Formerly Ancient Atlantis, Lords of Order
Occupation(s): Formerly Lord of Order, Sorcerer Supreme, Lord High Mage of Atlantis
Abilities: Magic, Swordsmanship

Ahri'ahn (also spelled Arion) is a Homo Magi demi-god whom served as a Lord of Atlantis and a Lord of Order.[2] He is one of the two sons of Calculha and Dark Majistra.



Falling in love with Dark Majistra, Calculha and the sorceress mated with one another and produced twin sons Ahri'ahn and Garn Daanuth. When their relationship ended due to being of different affinities and their union unbalance, Ahri'ahn was taken by his father and his brother with Majistra. Calculha raised him to to be on the follower of the light.[3]

At a young age, he would accompany his father to one of his meetings, having now met Majistra and Garn for the first time, unaware of their familial connections with both of them. He witnessed his father and mother, fierce rivals, argue on the fate of the Zodiac Crystals after his father sensed a coming dilemma with an individual tampering them and bringing forth calamity upon Atlantis and the world. His father argued to strengthen it's power while Majistra argued to unify all the crystals into a new age of magic. She is unanimously opposed by Calculha and the rest of the Council. Despite this, she later goes ahead with her plot and undoes their protection spells with Garn at her side, gaining power from the Zodia Crystals and spelling doom everywhere.[3]

Despite Calculha's power and Ahri'ahn's efforts, both he and his father is unable to stop Garn and Majistra after she absorbs the power of the Zodiac Crystals. Weakened, he asks his son to sacrifice himself to stop Majistra despite his age. Ahri'ahn willing accepts and intercepts Majistra as she uses the crystal's power. This causes a reaction in which self-destructs her into the Darkworld and converts Ahri'ahn's body into energy. Calculha save his son by having his body merge with a star and his soul moved into the Heart of the Darkworld.[3] While in the world in the Heart of the Darkworld, he meets Jheryl whom becomes his new teacher in magic and mother figure. While studying the arcane arts under her tutelage, he also befriends a dark imp named Ghy.[4] Ahri'ahn spent two decades within the Heart while 100 centuries passed on Earth. Upon completing his training, he's given a piece of the gem by his mentor. Shortly after this, he is abruptly taken back to Earth by his father. In doing so, his memory of his time there is blocked.[5]

Ancient TimesEdit

Magic OdysseyEdit


Camelot FallsEdit

In 1659, when Arion is awakened from a night of debauchery by visions of a cataclysmic future centered around the presence of Superman. Cut off from his natural magicks, Arion employed certain artifacts to propel himself forward to Superman's present. Arriving in Metropolis, Arion subjected Superman and his friends at the Daily Planet to a vision of a possible future where Superman and other alien heroes' involvement in humanity caused people to become dependent on them and ultimately produced an apocalypse. Arion hoped to force Superman to retire and prevent the predictions from coming true.

Superman was given two weeks in which to decide how he'd deal with Arion's request, during which Arion illustrated his point by magically steering a "field trip" of adolescent New Gods, chaperoned by Lightray and Fastbak, to come crashing into Metropolis and go wild with their divine powers, causing untold havoc and general interference with the populace. Superman defused the situation with Lightray's help and deduced Arion's involvement. At roughly the same time, Arion kidnapped Bill Knightley from outside the Oblivion Bar, interrogated him, and nearly killed him. The only thing that saved Knightley was his knowledge of the recently begun "Tenth Age of Magic", a tumultuous change in the world's mystical equilibrium. Knightley claimed to be studying the shift and Arion decided he might have some value alive.

At the end of the two weeks, Arion and Superman met again; the Kryptonian hero chose to remain active as part of Earth's defense and deeply involved with humanity. Arion's vicious response was to cast a powerful mind manipulation spell, with the intent of using Superman as a weapon to remove the threat of other alien heroes, like Superman's ally, the Martian Manhunter. Superman resisted the spell and tracked Arion to his base in Atlantis, Superman confronted him once more, protected from Arion's magics by a mystical shield given to him by the Phantom Stranger - who told him that, while Arion's vision of the future could come to pass, the loss of life and experience that humanity would suffer as a result meant that Superman had to try and find another way - disarming Arion of his magic rings. Now defenceless, Arion retreated back to his time, where he began to plan his next move against Superman.

Modern AgeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Divine Empowerment: As an Atlantean (Homo Magi) Demi-God, Arion possess various powers from the bestowing of various entities over the years as well as those originating him his heritage.[6]


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