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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Ahri'ahn, often spelled and pronounced Arion, is one of the legendary previous Lords of Atlantis. A immensely powerful sorcerer and Lord of Order, he was a benevolent king an a one-time protégé of Poseidon.[1]


Character inconsistencies[]

Arion's significance in Atlantean history[]

Both Arion and Atlan's character have shared or very similar historical accounts in both official canons that contradict the histories of the DCU: both share the distinctive historical significance in being the first and greatest sorcerer-kings in Atlantis that pioneered Atlantis in being a scientific and mystical marvel.[2] However, Arion's appearances recently depicts him having been born during the "dawn of human civilization", making him predate Atlan.[3]


Earlier life[]

Over 45,000 years ago, Arion was born to the Calculha and Dark Majistra, forces of good and strife respectively. Separated at some point, Majistra would raise his twin brother, Garn Daanuth, to be his future nemesis.[1]

Arion's reign[]

Sealing of the Dark Giants[]

When the world was under the control of the Dark Giants, Arion assembled all the mystics within the world and with their help, created the White Gate. The gates were form by the Alabaster Column, four stones imbued with the might of all civilizations of Earth at that time and buried it deep within the ocean near Atlantis, sealing away the elder gods.[4]

Alliance with the Amazons of Themyscria[]

The Ocean Lords & Corruption[]

Ancient Egypt Era[]

Encounter with Doctor Fate[]

Thousands of years ago, Arion had encountered the Blue Beetle Scarab and was driven insane from it's contact, coming to believe it needed the scarab to prevent a calamity to Atlantis. While Doctor Fate battled the entity in the Scarab in Egypt, he encountered Arion and battled him. With the scarab escaped, Doctor Fate had resorted to sealing away Arion.[5]

Modern Era[]

Blue Beetle: Hard Choices[]

Having found the current Blue Beetle holder, Jaime Reyes, he sends his servant Mordcai Cull to retrieve it though he is unsuccessful in his endeavor.[6] Using his limited influence and Mordecai, he is successful in luring Doctor Fate, Jaime, and the Blue Beetle Scarab near the sealing grounds of his imprisonment as well as separate Jaime's soul from his body to give the scarab full control.[7]

As Doctor Fate fights the Scarab, it releases Jaime from it's body. As an act of mercy and gratitude for ushering his return, Arion uses his influence to merge his body with his soul and feeds off the energy from Fate and the Scarab, enabling him to break through his imprisonment.[5] With his newfound power, he defeats Doctor Fate and begins transforming the Earth into his dark image.[8] He then bonds with the Blue Beetle Scarab and is empowered further from it[9] and tears through the dimension barriers into the known world. He then begins to casts a global enchantment and calls upon Jaime's assistance by using the spark of energy he retained from his unique bond with the Scarab, controlling his body into doing so. However, Jaime manages to break through Arion's telepathic powers and regain control of his Scarab and re-bond with it. Arion is severely weakened after being forcibly stripped of the scarab.[10]

Attempting to combat Doctor Fate once more, he is instead knocked out by a cannon blast from Jaime and is taken by Doctor Fate.[11]

Justice League Dark[]

As part of his plan to control magic, Merlin ressurects Arion due to his connection to Darkworld and it's magic, re-christening him as "Sapphire Knight" under his mind control.[12] Under Merlin's control, Khalid pleads with Arion to resist Merlin to no avail before disappearing through a portal.[13]



Regarded as the greatest mage in the history of Atlantis, Arion is a demigod that possesses vast magical abilities and immortality. Unlike other Lords of Order, he possess a phyiscal body.[1]


As one of the Lords of Order, Arion commands a form of Order magic, capable of manipulating energy with his magic and siphoning magical energy from his enemies. He possess a breadth of abilities from his mystical powers, including being able to take the form of a demon, manipulate the spirits of others, has retrocognition (allows him to see into the past) at will, can sense imminent danger to himself, unleash attacks that can place others in mystic stasis, imbue others with his essence to give them powers similar to Blue Beetle, conjure ports and magical storms with his mind, has mind-related powers that allows for telepathy and to override the willpower of others, create and summon insect-like minions at will, and cast a spell that can end creation itself with sufficient power from artifacts like Khaji-Da.[14][15][16]

Coupled with his magical prowess, Arion also possess a genius-level intellect and was considered one of the greatest minds in Earth's history; his genius was praised and once underestimated by his mentor Poseidon could create technology considered advanced and combine it with magic.[17] His reign and impact on Atlantis was responsible for it's advanced mastery in both technology and magic.[18]


Former Equipment[]

  • Tear of Extinction
  • Arion's Keeperchest
  • Khaji-Da
  • Clarion

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