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Kahina the Seer was being chased through the Brazilian Rainforest by Black Manta, hoping that Ya'Wara would help her. The villain was able to ambush her despite her visions after she dodged the dart but didn't see that it was explosive, then they battled. Black Manta defeated, unveiled and told her that he will kill Ya'Wara, he will kill the Others and finally he'll kill Kahina's family. The seer cried, horrified, but Black Manta butchered her and stole the Seal of Clarity, an Atlantean artifact that the seer had and then left the body. Before she died, she has a last vision of Black Manta killing Aquaman. Ya'Wara found her dead body later and attacked Stephen Shin, thinking that he sent Manta after Kahina.

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    Continuity is key

    February 18, 2019 by Spike511

    Continuity and canon are extremely important to a wiki site. Was Aquaman the son of Arthur Curry or Tom Curry or Atlan? Was his mother a princess of Atlantis or just some Atlantean girl? Did he get his powers from his ancestors or was he a mutant? W…

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    Hey! My name is Jay. And I am a experience wiki contributor that has recent taken an interest in Aquaman and had done research to learn more of his lore. However, instead, I found this wiki in which has been helpful but hasn't been updated for quite…

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