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"My Brother's Keeper"
Aquaman Vol 1-63 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Death of a Prince
Issue Number: 63
First Published: September, 1978
Previous Issue: Aquaman #62
Next Issue: None


"My Brother's Keeper"[]

Ocean Master, riding atop a hideous sea serpent, arrives in Atlantis to once again threaten Aquaman. Closing on the Ocean Master, Aquaman underestimates the ferocity of the sea serpent, and ends up in its jaws. Aquaman quickly beats his way free, then continues his attack on the Ocean Master. The two adversarial brothers become locked in mortal combat. Aquaman is close to victory when his long absent sidekick, Aqualad, joins the fray. Aqualad is struck hard by the sea serpent's tail, leaving him too stunned to avoid the falling debris the sea serpent rains down upon him. In the seconds it takes for Aquaman to rescue Aqualad, the Ocean Master makes his escape. Aquaman, Aqualad, and Mera pursue the Ocean Master to an oceanic fissure, one opened by Seaquake's recent attack on Atlantis. Deep within the fissure lies the crumbling ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis, long buried beneath the domed undersea kingdom of Atlantis. Aqualad leads the charge down into the fissure's depths.

The heroic trio split up to cover more ground in the search. Aquaman locates the Ocean Master's ship. Searching what's left of the building the Ocean Master parked his ship next to, Aquaman comes under attack. Using an ancient Atlantean weapon, the Ocean Master keeps Aquaman at bay while he explains his scheme. The Ocean Master has returned to the ruins of Old Atlantis in search of a super weapon, one that will make him not only master of the seas, but of the world as well. Having heard enough, Aquaman blocks the Ocean Master's attack rod with a crumbled section of wall, disarms his brother, then beats him into the sea floor. The Ocean Master hurls a handful of sand into the Sea King's face, then flees. The Ocean Master is able to make it back to his ship, and releases the sea serpent. The creature is quick enough to get in one hard strike on Aquaman, with its tail, before Aquaman overwhelms it with an armada of telepathically summoned sea life. Aquaman then directs octopi to obscure the Ocean Master's ship's view ports with ink, causing the villain to blindly steer into an Atlantean structure.

The Ocean Master exits from his crashed vessel, only to find Aquaman bearing down on him. Aquaman commands the same octopi to take hold of the Ocean Master, binding him with their tentacles. This time, though, Aquaman's telepathic powers generate a piercing feedback that nearly drive the Sea King into unconsciousness. The surrounding waters around ancient Atlantis are suddenly teeming with strange, mutated sea life. Somehow, their immunity to Aquaman's telepathic control is creating the psychic feedback. Aquaman issues one final call to arms, and pits his marine life army against the ancient, marauding fish. In the melee, Ocean Master breaks away, and, quickly ferrets out the ancient Atlantean super weapon. Turning the weapon on Aquaman, the monarch of the seas feels his will slowly being subjugated. Unlike other men, though, Aquaman's will is indomitable. He resists the weapon's effects and jumps the Ocean Master. This time the Ocean Master can offer no defense, as his older brother lands blow, after blow, after blow, until the Ocean Master succumbs. Dragging his defeated brother out of the fissure, Aquaman is met by his wife, Mera, and Aqualad. The young hero declares his intention to rejoin Aquaman, as his sidekick. Unaware of the passing of Aquaman's and Mera's infant son, Arthur, Jr., an innocent inquiry from the teen hero opens fresh emotional wounds. As Aquaman moves to comfort his wife, Aqualad wanders away, realizing that it is not yet the time from him to resume his place at Aquaman's side.


"My Brother's Keeper"[]




  • Atlantean Super-Weapon