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"The Armageddon Conspiracy"
Aquaman Vol 1-61 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Death of a Prince
Issue Number: 61
First Published: May, 1978
Previous Issue: Aquaman #60
Next Issue: Aquaman #62


"The Armageddon Conspiracy"[]

Aquaman and Batman are ensnared in a titanium steel mesh net, as Kobra's followers close in on them with spear guns. Batman pulls a small laser from his utility belt to facilitate their escape. The two heroes engage Kobra's men in combat. Aquaman ensnares Kobra's agents in the net, then telepathically commands electric eels to electrocute the men into unconsciousness. Flashing back to the Justice League satellite, orbiting 22, 300 miles above the Earth, finds Aquaman explaining the case details to his fellow League member, Batman and Green Lantern. Kobra had looted a cargo of poisonous chlorinated hydrocarbons from the sunken vessel, Bellerophon. The Justice League had traced Kobra's whereabouts to Portugal. Green Lantern discovered Kobra's invisible ark hovering over a church in LIsbon, at which point, Aquaman and Batman made their approach from the sea, running afoul of Kobra's followers.

Within the church, Kobra, still holding General Horgan and several U.N. delegates hostage, makes ready to release the deadly gas over Portugal. Green Lantern steps up his assault on Kobra's invisible, flying arc. Kobra abandons the hostages to deal with Green Lantern's threat to his ship. With Kobra out of the room, Aquaman and Batman burst in and take out all of Kobra's men. While Aquaman sets about to freeing the hostages, Batman prepares to destroy Kobra's launch mechanism. Green Lantern's distraction, however, has failed to buy the heroes enough time to complete their mission. Kobra has already returned. Simply turning his ship's force field projectors to emit the color yellow, neutralized any threat from the Green Lantern. Batman and Kobra square off in mortal combat. Deeming the fight personal, Aquaman stands by and merely watches. Kobra gasses Batman, then launches the deadly gas capsules over Portugal. Green Lantern moves in to intercept the lethal pellets. They prove to be too numerous for the Green Lantern to catch them all, however, before they reach an elevation of 500 feet and release their deadly payload. Aquaman sends a telepathic command to all sea life in the vicinity, ordering them to destroy Kobra's undersea gas pellet projector. Kobra, however, has anticipated Aquaman's attack and set up defenses accordingly. The fish are slaughtered before they can get anywhere near Kobra's projector. Aquaman and Batman dive into the sea, to take out the projector's defenses.

While Batman takes out Kobra's guards, Aquaman shuts down the laser defense system protecting the gas pellet projector. With the defenses down. Aquaman's fish army are able to move in and take out the projector. His scheme thwarted, Kobra collects his hostages, boards his arc and makes his escape. General Horgan manages to slip his bonds, and hurls a wrench into the arc's control panel. The arc's vertical stabilizer has been damaged as well, causing Kobra's vessel to plummet into the ocean. Kobra leaves the hostages to drown aboard the arc, while the villain exits into the sea. Aquaman, however, is ready and waiting for Kobra. A pitched battle ensues between the Sea King and the Deadliest Man Alive, with Aquaman winning handily over his adversary. Leaving two octopi to guard Kobra, Aquaman rescues the hostages. Kobra releases a concussive charge that takes out the octopi, then disappears into the ink black depths. Aquaman gets the hostages aboard a NATO rescue ship. Batman is infuriated that Aquaman allowed Kobra to escape. In no mood to be chastised by his teammate, Aquaman dives back into the sea. At long last, he is returning home to Atlantis.


"The Armageddon Conspiracy"[]



  • Justice League Satellite
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon



  • Kobra's Ark
  • The Bellerophon