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"What Seeks the Awesome Threesome?"
Aquaman Vol 1-36 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 36
First Published: December, 1967
Previous Issue: Aquaman #35
Next Issue: Aquaman #37


"What Seeks the Awesome Threesome?"[]

Patrons at Expo-21st Century are going wild over its biggest attraction, the Atlantean Pavilion, an authentic replica of the underwater city of Atlantis, populated by real Atlanteans. Chief among that population is Atlantis' royal family, who have consented to be the star performers in the exhibition tank. Aquaman demonstrates his telepathic command over sea life. Mera and Arthur, Jr. use their shared ability to control, and manipulate, water to construct a message for the audience. Aqualad and Aquagirl dance with Topo, an octopus, and Tusky, a walrus. After the show, the Atlantean royal family take in the other attractions at Expo-21st Century, just like any other tourists. Away from the Atlantean Pavilion, they are unaware of the threat that descends upon it. The Awesome Threesome have come to Expo-21st Century on a mysterious mission. However, their hatred of Aquaman is so great, that they take time out to destroy the Atlantean Pavilion, purely out of spite. An Atlantean alerts Aquaman and Aqualad to the destruction of the Atlantern Pavilion. While they are thus occupied, the Awesome Threesome exits the river, and approach the Expo-21st Century Science Hall. Inside, a demonstration of the gyro-moleculizer is being conducted. The large device creates a magnetic field so intense it cancels out the gravity within the Science Hall, allowing the audience to experience the joy of weightlessness. The exhibitor is startled by the presence of the Awesome Threesome, who threaten to destroy the exhibit's patrons if they so much as move.

The Awesome Threesome set about destroying the gyro-moleculizer. Aquaman and Aqualad are alerted to the presence of the Awesome Threesome, within the Expo 21st Century Science Hall. They rush in to confront their old enemies. The Torpedo streaks forward, blade out, and attempts to slice the Aquatic Aces to ribbons. At that same moment, Magneto destroys the gyro-moleculizer, restoring gravity. The Torpedo crashes into the ground. The Claw moves in to protect his stunned comrade. Aquaman grapples with the Claw. Magneto turns his full power on the Claw, conducting an electromagnetic charge through the Claw's metal-encased form, and into Aquaman. Aquaman is shocked into unconsciousness. Aqualad lashes out at the Torpedo, only to be hammered by the Claw. The teen hero crumples to the ground, defeated. Mera and Arthur, Jr. enter the Science Hall and revive Aquaman and Aqualad. Hearing screams coming from outside, Aquaman and Aqualad race to investigate the commotion. They exit the Science Hall just in time to see a giant, green alien burst up from the ground. Freed from its encasing cocoon, the twelve foot alien charges Expo 21st Century's gyro-monorail.

The Alien tears into the gyro-monorail. Aquaman uses a broken piece of the tram to push the alien back, while Aqualad rescues the passengers. The alien slams Aquaman to the ground, stunning him. Mera and Arthur, Jr. use their powers to hurl hard water constructs at the alien. Then Aqualad blasts it with a high pressure hose. Repelled, the alien dives into the river. Aquaman and Aqualad give chase. The alien telepathically summons Kraken, a giant squid, to carry it into the ocean. Aquaman and Aqualad mount a swordfish to continue the pursuit. The gap between hunter and quarry is just about to close, when the Awesome Threesome return, to run interference for the alien. At Aquaman's command, the swordfish barrels through the trio of robot rogues. Magneto blasts the swordfish out from under the two heroes. Undeterred, they continue to powerfully swim forward, smashing through the Torpedo and the Claw. Aquaman summons an armada of sharks, whales, marlins, porpoises, and sawfish to assail the Awesome Threesome. The two heroes catch up to the alien just as it reaches the real Atlantis. There, the alien fires a strange weapon into the sea. In short order, a fantastic saucer appears above the alien. The alien rides the discharge from its weapon up into the saucer, which then departs the sea. Aquaman gets the full story from the, now battered, Torpedo. The alien was a convicted felon, imprisoned in a cocoon, five thousand years ago on Earth. It's sentence fulfilled, the alien was due to be released, but the magnetic field generated by the gyro-moleculizer was preventing the cocoon from dissolving. The alien telepathically enlisted the aid of the Awesome Threesome in effecting it's release. As powerful sea currents drag the Torpedo down into a deep ocean trench, the machine marauder vows to return, one day, and destroy the true Atlantis. Aquaman states that he will be waiting. Aquaman and Aqualad rejoin their loved ones at Expo-21st Century.


"What Seeks the Awesome Threesome?"[]