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"From O.G.R.E. With Hate"
Aquaman Vol 1-26 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 26
First Published: April, 1966
Previous Issue: Aquaman #25
Next Issue: Aquaman #27


"From O.G.R.E. With Hate"[]

At the behest of the United States government, Aquaman and Mera have gone undercover on a resort island. Posing as the "Watermans", the couple partake of the resort"s tourist attractions and activities, while staying at the glamorous El Dorado Beach Hotel. One night, while renewing themselves, deep below the ocean waves, Aquaman and Mera are witness to a strange submersible craft approaching the island. The odd vessel activates a powerful suctioning device that begins to tear away at the island's mantle. Aquaman uses copious amounts of kelp, from nearby beds, to clog the suction device. Damaged, the craft glides away. Back at the resort, Aquaman and Mera resume their cover identities as the "Watermans", however, they are now observed by two shadowy figures. In their private bungalow, Aquaman and Mera affix specially designed diving helmets, filled with sea water, over their heads, and turn in for the night. Waiting until the King and Queen of Atlantis are fast asleep, a hulking figure enters their room through the window, and attacks Aquaman. The intruder grapples Aquaman, holding him fast in a crushing bear hug. Mera hardens the water in Aquaman's helmet to stone-like consistency. Aquaman begins using the helmet as a battering ram, head butting the intruder through the wall. As the man called Typhoon goes down, Aquaman spies his partner, a woman, outside the window, taking aim at Mera with a spear gun.

Aquaman blocks the deadly shaft with his helmet. Typhoon and the woman, identified as the Huntress, flee the scene. Aquaman and Mera give chase, but lose them at the resort's swimming pool. The Huntress and Typhoon report their failure to the Supreme One, the man who leads the terrorist group, O.G.R.E. In a rare show of mercy, the Supreme One offers Typhoon, and the Huntress, one last chance to fulfill their mission. Setting up decoys of the "Watermans" surfing the waves, Aquaman and Mera return to the scene of the strange craft's assault on the island. Aquaman discovers that the coral surrounding that side of the island isn't made up of millions of tiny organisms, but is, instead, crumbled chunks, piled up along that part of the island's mantle. The vessel returns and begins suctioning away, again, at the base of the island. Mera is just about to take the suctioning device out with a hard water construct, when she and Aquaman are snared inside the Huntress' targeting force field. They just manage to barely dodge the first of the Huntress' harpoons, within the constricted space of the force field. Aquaman realizes, though, that's it's only a matter of time before the Huntress hits her mark. Summoning an electric eel, Aquaman instructs the creature to short out the force field. The resulting feedback takes out the Huntress, too. Aquaman and Mera return to the resort island, with the Huntress in tow. The Huntress is surprised that Aquaman didn't leave her in the ocean to drown, despite the fact that she had tried to kill him. Her life, though, is still forfeit. The Huntress explains that she, and Typhoon, have explosive devices inside them, that the Supreme One will detonate, to show his displeasure at her failure. As if on cue, the Supreme One surfaces, walking the craft up out of the surf, on metal legs. Aquaman instructs Mera to back away from the Huntress, then charges the Supreme One's crab-like submersible. The Supreme One mans a mounted machine gun and tries to gun down the Sea King, but Aquaman is too swift. Typhoon drops down out of the craft and engages Aquaman in hand-to-hand combat. Once again, he proves no match for Aquaman. Through the still open hatch Typhoon exited from, Aquaman boards the Supreme One's craft. He disables the control panel before the Supreme One can detonate the explosives within Typhoon and the Huntress. The Supreme One, though, is able to gas Aquaman, knocking him out.

The Supreme One, with Aquaman as his hostage, returns to the sea. Mera tries to strike the submersible with one of her hard water constructs, but it is already out of her range. Awake, but paralyzed, Aquaman can only sit and watch, as the Supreme One's craft suctions away enough of the island's coral facade to reveal a hidden nuclear arsenal. With the missiles in his possession, the Supreme One contacts certain interested foreign parties, to expedite the sale of his ill-gotten goods. In short order, they arrive to take possession of the missiles... by force. They torpedo the Supreme One's craft, and send in divers to recover the deadly bounty. Jostled out of his paralysis, Aquaman barrels into the scuba diving thugs. He is quickly joined by Mera, Typhoon, and the Huntress. Mera has also contacted the US Navy, as per hers, and Aquman's, instructions if they got into trouble. Navy divers overwhelm the opposition, taking the foreign criminals into custody. As Aquaman, Mera, Typhoon, and The Huntress emerge from the surf, back on the resort island, they hear the voice of the Supreme One. Broadcasting over a loudspeaker, he threatens to blow up the El Dorado Beach Hotel if they continue their approach. The Huntress quickly leads Aquaman to the resort's swimming pool, where a hidden door leads to an underground chamber, and the Supreme One. Machine gun in hand, the Supreme One opens up on the quartet, who all hit the ground to avoid being cut down. Mera uses the pool water pouring into the chamber to form hard water constructs, that bind and batter the Supreme One into unconsciousness. His identity is revealed to be that of the hotel manager. Typhoon and the Huntress are turned over to the Naval authorities, with a promise from Aquaman that he will speak out, on their behalf, at trial. Aquaman and Mera decided to remain on the resort island, and take a much needed vacation.


"From O.G.R.E. With Hate"[]



  • El Dorado Beach Hotel