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"The Others, Chapter Three"
Aquaman Vol 7-9 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 9
First Published: May 23, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #8
Next Issue: Aquaman #10


"The Others, Chapter Three"[]

At the United States Army Health Center in Germany, a man named Torrez is watching some old pictures in his room. Then, he takes the phone and calls an unidentified person. When the person answers, Torrez cannot bring himself to talk and the unidentified person hangs up. Torrez tries to call again, but Black Manta attacks him. However, Torrez manifests the memories of his fellow soldiers and defends himself, revealing himself as the Prisoner of War. Torrez then puts on his manacles and shoots Manta with a gun he had under his pillow. Resolute on not letting Manta having the manacles, the Prisoner jumps out of the window and escapes into the streets, followed by Manta.

Meanwhile on Brazil, Aquaman and Ya’Wara fight Manta’s henchmen. One of Manta’s hunters shoots Ya’Wara’s jaguar. Enraged, Ya’Wara slaughters the hunters and summons a group of tigers to devour the last one. Aquaman is shocked that Ya’Wara is willing to use lethal force, but Ya’Wara replies that Aquaman enjoyed the heat of battle. Aquaman believes that Ya’Wara is trying to seduce him and reaffirms that he is married, causing Ya’Wara to doubt if Aquaman’s change was for the better. Changing the subject, Aquaman exclaims that he made contact with the Others and they will meet again shortly.

Meanwhile, Shin is trying to examine the Atlantean black box, but Mera demands that he tell her everything she knows about Black Manta. Shin says the he hasn’t spoken to Manta in years. He met Tom Curry when he saved Shin when his expedition went wrong. Tom introduced him to his son Arthur, and Shin taught him how to use his powers. Tom also told him about the Queen of Atlantis. Eventually, Shin tried to convince Tom to reveal Arthur’s powers to the public, but he refused. He then tore Shin’s lab apart, taking everything connected to Arthur. Shin wanted to reveal Arthur to the public so that he could save his career.

Later, Shin found a treasure hunter who found a shipwreck at the coast of Iceland. The treasure hunter had also fought off a group of pirates that tried to take his ship. Mera believes the treasure hunter to be Manta, and Shin confirms it. Shin wanted a sample of Arthur’s blood to save his career, but Manta attacked Arthur and Tom interfered to save his son. Mera thinks that Manta killed Arthur’s father, but Shin denies it. Tom suffered a heart attack and died three days later at the hospital. In a fit of rage, Aquaman killed Manta’s father.

Meanwhile, Aquaman encounters Manta in Germany.

To be continued…


"The Others, Chapter Three"[]



  • Germany
    • Heidelberg
      • United States Army Health Center
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Amnesty Bay