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"The Others, Chapter Two"
Aquaman Vol 7-8 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 8
First Published: April 25, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #7
Next Issue: Aquaman #9


"The Others, Chapter Two"[]

Six years ago, the media had gathered outside the Curry Lighthouse to report the news about the "Man of Atlantis." Arthur was reading a newspaper article on his father's death. Stephen Shin was also with the reporters. Then, Arthur angrily goes outside and announces he is not human and he doesn't belong here. Although Shin desperately tried to stop him, Arthur jumps off a cliff and dives into the sea. As Arthur disappeared on the sea, Shin stood on the cliff alone, saying that he was sorry.

One year later, Arthur had already acquired his Trident and returned to the Lighthouse.

In the present, Mera asks Aquaman and Ya'Wara about the Others. Aquaman says he was the only Atlantean on the team, and the other members were human or superhuman. Ya'Wara says that they were called the Others because they were never a formal team, but she and Aquaman had a telepathic connection. Shin says that the Others came together out of necessity: to protect the relics of Atlantis.

Ya'Wara still believes Shin to be in league with Black Manta, but Aquaman says that they need him to find the relics. Aquaman tells Shin to keep looking into the relics, but if he finds he is connected to Kahina's death in any way, he will be fed to Ya'Wara's jaguar. Aquaman and Ya'Wara teleport away using her pendant.

As Shin returns to work on the Atlantean black box, Mera asks him to tell her about his connection to Black Manta and everything he knows about the Others.

Six years go, Arthur and the Others were on a mission on Siberia to locate Black Manta. Kahina senses that there is a village on the other side of the mountain about to be hit by an avalanche. The Others want to help, especially Vostok-X, as the people are Russian like him, but Arthur refuses to let Manta escape. However, the Others refuse to let innocents die and go to the village.

The Others gather everyone they find on the village, and the Prisoner creates a force field around the village to shield themselves form the avalanche. However, a little girl is left outside the field, but Arthur manages to save her.

As the Others meet up with Arthur, he berates them for losing Manta again, but the Operative believes they did the right thing. Kahina tells Arthur that she saw his future. Arthur asks if he found Manta, but Kahina replies she saw something better: he will find happiness.

In the present, Aquaman and Ya'Wara find Kahina's corpse. Aquaman says that he never had a chance to thank her. Then, they discover Manta took the Seal of Clarity from her. They decide to warn the Others, but suddenly, they are attacked by hunters working for Manta.

Meanwhile in Heidelberg, Germany, Black Manta reaches the United States Army Health Center and says that he has found Another.

To be continued...


"The Others, Chapter Two"[]