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"The Others"
Aquaman Vol 7-7 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 7
First Published: March 28, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #6
Next Issue: Aquaman #8


"The Others"[]

In the rain-forests of Brazil, Kahina the Seer is being pursued by Black Manta who shoots at dart at her, although she dodges thanks to her precognitive abilities. What she doesn't see in her vision is that the projectile was explosive and detonates next to her. Manta approaches and the two fight, Manta gets the upper hand and removes her mask and his own helmet. He threatens to kill Kahina's entire family and then kills her and takes the Golden Seal from her. As she dies she has a vision of Manta and Aquaman fighting.

In the Atlantic, Arthur and Mera help boats to reach land safely in the middle of a storm before visiting Stephen Shin in his home. Aquaman shows him the Atlantean relic he found in the Mid-Atlantic Trench in hope that Shin can analyze it. As Shin activates the message, Arthur's trident begins to glow and a portal opens. Ya'Wara and her panther comes through the portal declaring that Shin is hers to kill. She then lunges at Shin but is blocked by Mera.

Just as the two furious women charge towards each other, Aquaman intervenes, telling them to stop fighting and then Ya'Wara reveals that Kahina is dead and that Black Manta has her relic. Mera angrily wants an explanation about what they are talking about and who Ka'Wara is.


"The Others"[]