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Aquaman Vol 7-5 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 5
First Published: January 25, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #4
Next Issue: Aquaman #6


Aquaman Vol 7-5 Cover-2

Aquaman (Volume 7) Issue #5 Cover-2


Aquaman falls through the sky and lands in the middle of the desert. He looks around and realizes the gravity of his situation. Twelve hours earlier in the middle of the night during a storm, in Amnesty Bay, Arthur looks out the window and thinks about The Trench. His phone rings and US Navy Commander Clay is revealed to be the caller.

Commander Clay tells Aquaman about an artifact embedded in the wall the cocoons were fixed to which exploded a glass shattering sound when pried off. It is now emitting a high-pitched chatter and resembles the Atlantis glyph Aquaman wears on his belt. Back in the desert, Arthur removes a piece of metal shrapnel embedded in his right thigh. He continues wandering the desert and finds the Trident of Neptune and his dehydration sets in and he collapses.

In the Navy Lab, Aquaman investigates the glyph. A group of what appears to be soldiers in high-tech armor break in and begin shooting then take the glyph. Aquaman pursues them and jumps onto their escape vehicle resembling a hovercraft. The scene cuts back to the desert where Aquaman now sees a hallucination of his father, Tom Curry, who casts dispersions on Mera and asks why he gave up the throne of Atlantis. Aquaman resists the hallucination and disburses it with his telepathy.

Back on the hovercraft, Aquaman breaks inside and demands to know who the soldiers are and punches one in the helmet. When the helmet breaks, water pours out and Aquaman realizes that the soldiers are Atlanteans. The pilot yells out a warning to not shoot but one soldier doesn't listen and fires his pistol, causing the hovercraft to explode.

Back in the desert, Aquaman comes upon the remains of the crashed hovercraft and he still hears the glyph's chattering. He finds a helmet with some water still in it and dips the glyph in it. The glyph activates a holographic message beginning with 'Atlantis is in danger'. The message goes on to explain that the messenger had been pursuing an enemy to the depths of the ocean until a storm forced them to do deeper, the messenger believing the storm to be created by their enemy. They crashed in a trench. The messenger finishes with a warning that if someone has retrieved this message they should know that the enemy plans to sink Atlantis because the king and queen have hidden the truth. The message burns out and Aquaman is left huddled over in the sand.

A helicopter appears and the scene cuts to a news report delivering the news that The Navy rescued Aquaman in the desert. Aquaman comes home and tries to tell Mera about what happened but she isn't there. He finds a note telling him she went to town for dog food for Aquadog.