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"The Trench, Conclusion"
Aquaman Vol 7-4 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 4
First Published: December 28, 2011
Previous Issue: Aquaman #3
Next Issue: Aquaman #5


"The Trench, Conclusion"[]

A small school of anglerfish escort Aquaman and Mera down further and further into the Mid-Atlantic Trench. Aquaman and Mera comment on how they are having trouble seeing because of the toxins in the water. Mera also notices an increase in temperature and concludes they are close to a volcanic vent. Mera tells Aquaman that he is wrong about The Trench and calls them primitive and unintelligent. They see a structure and Aquaman asks who built it if The Trench are just animals.

They notice that the structure is angled into the wall by the vent and surmise that it crashed into it. They then realize that The Trench didn't build it, it is really an underwater craft. Aquaman recognizes the language written on the hull of the craft as an ancient dialect from Atlantis before it sank and realized that the craft has been there for centuries. A breech in the hull informs Aquaman and Mera that The Trench must have fed on the Atlanteans inside. They wonder what Atlanteans would have been doing in the water before it sank and more importantly how they ended up at the bottom of the Mid-Atlantic Trench.

Mera and Aquaman venture further in and Mera notices the fish aren't following them. Aquaman tells her their survival instincts are overriding his telepathy. He takes this as a sign that they are on the right track. Mera asks what he plans to do if and when they return the kidnapped people to the surface and suggests they seal up The Trench so they can't go hunting on the surface again. Aquaman doesn't agree since it would mean the extinction of the species. Mera counters by restating they are mindless and they do nothing but harm to the world. Aquaman reminds her that Atlantis says the same thing about humans. Reminds him that The Trench eat humans and they eat a lot. Aquaman then asks why they would being their food back and why don't they stay on the surface.

A Trench Spawn swims by and spontaneously dies, Mera comments that it looks sick and mutated. Aquaman corrects her by saying it's inbred. They see more all around them in the same state as the one they saw and Mera calls them a dying race.

As they swim further they find a chamber with one gigantic Queen Trench surrounded by a horde of Trench. They realize that this chamber is their throne room and breeding ground. They see that the wall above the chamber is lined with the cocoons filled with the people taken by The Trench. Aquaman knows there's no telling how long they'll survive and tries to bring up the entire wall. He needs to bring the people up slowly and gives the wall to Mera while he gives her the time to do this.

The Trench try to stop them and the Queen goes straight for Aquaman to swallow him whole. Aquaman triggers a volcanic eruption, collapsing the trench. He swims up and breaks off an underwater cliff and places it over. The lava will fit the cliff to the trench sealing it.

On the surface, a small boy runs up to Aquaman and expresses his gratitude for saving him and his mother.

At Amnesty Bay, in the Curry Lighthouse Mera consoles Aquaman about his decision and patches him up. Deputy Wilson comes knocking and tells them that there was a dog whose owner didn't survive and since they seemed to like him asks them if they would like to take him in.


"The Trench, Conclusion"[]



  • Atlantic Ocean
    • Mid-Atlantic Trench (First Appearance)
  • Beachrock
  • Amnesty Bay