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"Death of a King, Chapter Seven: Baptism of Fire"
Aquaman Vol 7-25 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 25
First Published: November 27, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #24
Next Issue: Aquaman #26


"Death of a King, Chapter Seven: Baptism of Fire"[]

After learning the story of the Dead King, Arthur and Vulko swim to the coast of Spain and go to an abandoned shipwreck. There, Arthur takes the scepter of the Dead King, where it was hidden after the Atlanteans attacked the surface world. Arthur plans to control the Trench in order to save Atlantis and defeat the Dead King. He believes the Trench are not controlled by the scepter itself. Instead, the Trench have a primal instinct that makes them obey whoever has the scepter, because of their ancestry. As the Trench close in on them, Arthur commands them to stop.

Meanwhile in Atlantis; Atlan, also known as the Dead King, has commanded Nereus and his forces to search for the other sea kingdoms he founded. Nereus says he has found nothing, but Atlan forces him to keep searching, otherwise Mera shall be murdered. Atlan has also imprisoned any Atlantean loyal to Arthur. Afterwards, Nereus goes to visit Mera, who has been imprisoned after Atlan took over. Nereus says he will release her if she marries him, but she maintains her loyalty to Arthur.

In that moment; Arthur, leading the Trench, storms Atlantis. As he releases Mera from her cell, they go to free the imprisoned Atlanteans. Upon seeing Arthur's return; Tula, Mera and Swatt acknowledge him as their king, apologizing for attempting to free Orm. Arthur says that in time, he will earn their loyalty.

Atlan furiously enters the battle and stabs Arthur with the trident, but the Atlanteans and the Trench all attack him. Seeing everyone is fighting him, Atlan proclaims his dream is indeed dead. He wields the scepter and attempts to destroy Atlantis once more, but Arthur stops him. The impact of the scepter opens a large lava bank. After a lengthy brawl, Arthur kills Atlan and destroys the scepter. Grabbing the trident, Arthur returns to Mera and the battle ends.

As Nereus and the Xebel flee from Atlantis, Aquaman has decided to become the king again. Mera is unsure, saying that the responsibility of being a king destroyed Atlan, but Aquaman says that no matter what path he chooses, he can be happy as long as Mera is with him. Sadly, Mera leaves.

Mera goes to Amnesty Bay, where she spends some time with her dog Salty and her human friend Jennifer. A small conversation with Jennifer makes Mera reconsider her choice.

Later, Aquaman sits alone in the throne of Atlantis, but in that moment, Mera returns and they are happily reunited. She tells him to shave his beard. Aquaman and Mera become the king and queen of Atlantis once again.

Afterwards, Orm has settled down on Lousiana. After saving Erin and her son Tommy, Orm has decided to put his days as Ocean Master behind him and live in peace. However, this would not last. Nereus finds Orm and tells him he found the other four kingdoms, and now, he needs his help so that the sea rules Earth once more.


"Death of a King, Chapter Seven: Baptism of Fire"[]