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"Death of a King, Chapter Six: Secret of the Seven Seas"
Aquaman Vol 7-24 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 24
First Published: October 23, 2013
Previous Issue: Ocean Master #1
Next Issue: Aquaman #25


"Death of a King, Chapter Six: Secret of the Seven Seas"[]

Many years in Amnesty Bay, Tom Curry's boat had been caught up in a storm. He was trying to warn a ship heading towards an outcrop. While he succeeded, his boat fell to the sea. However, Tom was saved by the Queen of Atlantis. She was travelling to the surface world for the first time and Tom was the first human she had met. Tom and the Queen fell in love, and one year later, Arthur was born. Vulko wanted Arthur to become the king of Atlantis, but some time later, he discovered the truth about the Atlantean royal bloodline.

Arthur awakens in a tent Vulko had made in Antarctica. It had been six months since the Dead King attacked Atlantis and the strain of controlling Topo caused Arthur to go in a coma. Mera was last seen confronting the Dead King.

Vulko takes Arthur to an underground cave hidden in an icepack. There, they find a throne surrounded by ice statues of Atlanteans. According to Vulko, Arthur will have to sit on the throne in order to find out the truth about the Dead King. As Arthur sits on the throne, ice begins to form arround his body. When the ice fully encases him, Arthur begins to see Atlantis' origins.

A long time ago, the Dead King was a man named Atlan, the first king and founder of Atlantis. He was married and had two children. Atlan promoted peace between Atlantis and several other kingdoms, but his brother, Orin, did not believe there could be peace. Orin betrayed Atlan and became the new king, ordering his forces to take Atlan and his family prisoners. Atlan's family was murdered but he escaped and created the ancient relics of Atlantis.

Years later, Atlan killed Orin and his wife and used his scepter to sink Atlantis into the sea. Ninety percent of Atlantis' population died but the rest survived and adapted to the water. Some of the survivors evolved in different ways and became the Trench.

As Arthur breaks the ice, Vulko says that Arthur and his family descended from Orin, the traitorous brother.


"Death of a King, Chapter Six: Secret of the Seven Seas"[]