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"Death of a King, Chapter Five: Dead End"
Aquaman Vol 7-23 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 23
First Published: August 28, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #22
Next Issue: Black Manta #1


"Death of a King, Chapter Five: Dead End"[]

Aquaman and Mera attempt to escape from the Xebel forces, who are loyal to the Dead King. Mera reveals that her father used to be king of Xebel until his death. Nereus was one of Xebel's greatest warriors and she was promised to marry him. Mera inherited her father's ability to control water. As they escape from the Bermuda Triangle, Aquaman and Mera decide to return to Atlantis. Aquaman believes Vulko knows about the Dead King.

At the surface world, Tula, Murk and Swatt prepare to enter the prison. Tula is concerned about human casualties, but Murk believes Orm is worth killing hundreds of humans. Tula is outraged, saying that she does not want another war, but Murk replies that another war will happen anyway. Swatt asks Murk to reveal why does he hate humans so much, but Murk threatens to expose his secret affair with the surface world if he says anything about it. In that moment, Tula receives a call from her squad leader, who says Atlantis is under attack.

Aquaman and Mera arrive at Atlantis and lead the defense against the Scavenger, who orders his forces to fire a special missile towards Aquaman. Urn throws himself in the missile's path, sacrificing his life to protect Aquaman. Ordering his forces to take refuge, Aquaman uses his full telepathic power to unleash Topo on the Scavenger's fleet. Although Topo destroys the enemy subs, the strain of calling Topo causes a nosebleed on Aquaman. In that moment, the Dead King and the Xebel forces arrive at Atlantis, while Aquaman passes out.

Aquaman awakens inside a tent while Vulko is tending his injuries. Vulko tells Arthur he has been in a coma for six months and he has grown a beard.


"Death of a King, Chapter Five: Dead End"[]




  • The Shredder