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"Death of a King, Chapter Three: Confrontation"
Aquaman Vol 7-21 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 21
First Published: June 26, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #20
Next Issue: Aquaman #22


"Death of a King, Chapter Three: Confrontation"[]

Mera has arrived to the Xebel kingdom and tries to warn the people about the Dead King. A man named Nereus, who claims to be Mera's husband, kisses her. Mera claims not to be his wife, but Nereus says that Mera was supposed to be the queen of Xebel by his side. She was also supposed to kill Aquaman. Instead, she fell in love with him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the ocean, Aquaman attacks one of the Scavenger's subs, pushing it towards the surface. As he takes down the henchmen inside, he demands to know the Scavenger's location. The Scavenger appears in one of the sub's screens, transmitting from his base. and Aquaman offers him to surrender the Atlantean weaponry he stole and turn himself in. The Scavenger scoffs at Aquaman's mercy, saying that the Atlanteans invaded the surface world and killed thousands of humans. He does not believe peace can exist between humans and Atlanteans. Cutting off the transmission, the Scavenger prepares his fleet to attack.

At the Atlantean prison, Vulko watches the seaweed and realizes the currents are changing. This can only mean a new enemy, or an old threat, has risen.

Returning to Atlantis, Aquaman goes to a medical facility, where Doctor Rhodon is attending the Atlantean wounded by the Scavenger. In that moment, a few groups of Atlantean soldiers inform him of various situations. One of the soldiers informs Mera disappeared when a snowstorm hit Amnesty Bay.

As Aquaman goes to the surface, Tula, Murk and Swatt watch from a distance. Murk has decided to go rescue Orm from prison and wants Tula's assistance.

At Xebel, Mera questions why do the Xebel kingdom wants the Atlanteans dead. Nereus claims that the Atlanteans slaughtered their ancestors but Mera replies that Atlantis did not even know the Xebel existed. Tired of Mera's questions, Nereus attacks her, declaring her a traitor. In that moment, a current of ice begins covering everything.

Aquaman takes an empty ship to the Bermuda Triangle and destroys it, knowing that the portal to Xebel can only be opened with a wreckage. The destroyed ships are used by the Xebel people to build their city and weapons. As he reaches the Xebel city, he finds the Dead King has frozen everything and everyone, including Mera.

Meanwhile, Tula, Murk and Swatt arrive at the surface world, Doctor Rhodon finds a tracking device inside the injured Atlantean and the Scavenger's fleet attacks Atlantis.


"Death of a King, Chapter Three: Confrontation"[]