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"Death of a King, Chapter Two"
Aquaman Vol 7-19 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 19
First Published: April 24, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #18
Next Issue: Aquaman #20


"Death of a King, Chapter Two"[]

Deep beneath the sea, Aquaman goes to a lone cliff and blows a conch, summoning a large sea creature, to which he calls "Topo." Concerned by Topo's appearance, the Atlantean soldiers muster their forces in case Topo gets out of control. According to one of the guards, Topo is too intelligent to be controlled by Aquaman's telepathy. During their conversation, Aquaman tells Topo about his situation with the Scavenger and asks its help in stopping him because he does not want humans to get hurt.

Meanwhile, the Scavenger's crew has detected Atlantean forces coming their way.

At the Belle Reve Penitentiary, Orm continues to be advised by his designated lawyer, who says that he faces a great sentence unless he pleads guilty for the murders he committed. Orm is frustrated by the surface world's indifference at the Atlantean lives lost during the invasion. The lawyers says Orm should not threaten him, for he is his only friend; but Orm replies he has plenty of friends.

At Atlantis, Tula and Murk reach the house of Swatt, a person Murk says can help them in finding Orm. The house is filled with things from the surface world. Suddenly, they are attacked by Swatt. Although Swatt attacks them with electrical currents, Murk tears off his mask and forces him into the sea. Murk says that Swatt is the only Atlantean who cannot breathe underwater. Tula stops Murk before he can drown Swatt. Murk lets him go and Swatt puts his mask back on. Murk reveals that they need his help in freeing Orm. Then, Tula receives a telepathic message in which Aquaman requests her presence.

Meanwhile, a snowstorm hits the coasts of Florida. In open sea, the Dead King uses his scepter to open the Bermuda Triangle. As Mera comes to her senses, she watches the people caught in the storm and the King says she cannot help them. Mera asks who is he and he replies that he is her real King. Replying that she has no King, Mera briefly stuns him with a water blast and escapes into the sea.

Meanwhile, Aquaman and the Drift have located the Scavenger's sub. Aquaman orders Tula to go inland to surround the sub. In that moment, the Drift is caught in a fuel explosion but survives unscathed. Reaching the coast, Aquaman and his forces find the sub and the body of one of the Atlanteans who foud the sub. Using his telepathy, Aquaman senses the other Atlantean's heartbeat. As he tears the sub open, the Drift finds the other Atlantean inside with a large bandage on his chest. Aquaman orders his forces to take the man home.

Elsewhere, Mera has reached an abandoned place undersea where she meets up with a group of Atlantans. One of these Atlanteans is Nereus, her husband.


"Death of a King, Chapter Two"[]