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"Death of a King, Chapter One"
Aquaman Vol 7-18 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 18
First Published: March 27, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #17
Next Issue: Aquaman #19


"Death of a King, Chapter One"[]

A listening post in Antarctica is hit by an earthquake. The two workers, Pat and Jacob, run outside but Jacob falls through a large crack in the ground and dies. A towering person with an Atlantean spear rises from the cliff and kills Pat.

Recently, Aquaman and the Altantean forces have been mounting operations all over the world to recover smuggled Atlantean weaponry from humans and bring the smugglers to justice. Murk argues Aquaman's decision to help humans despite the earlier war. Murk believes humans to be savages after seeing some of them using Atlantean weapons to enslave their own kind, but Aquaman wants to make peace with humanity after the earlier war. He even says that humans have a negative opinion of Atlanteans these days. A royal aide tells Aquaman that Orm's sister, Tula, is waiting for him in the throne room.

Tula is the leader of the Drift, an Atlantean special task force that answers only to the King. According to her, Aquaman has not yet made a formal address as king. During their conversation, Tula asks about her brother. She is convinced that the humans will kill him but Aquaman hopes that will not happen. Changing the subject, Tula tells Aquaman that perhaps Vulko, the imprisoned traitor, might know something about who is smuggling Atlantean weapons.

Meanwhile, at Amnesty Bay, Mera has been taken to the police station. There, the cops say that formal chages have been issued against her for assaulting a store manager and two officers. Mera defends her actions, saying that she was saving a woman's life, but a cop replies that she could be sent to jail. Frustrated, Mera tries to leave but the police attempt to dissuade her to avoid making things worse.

Aquaman visits Vulko at the Altantean prisons. Despite his actions, Vulko is loyal to Aquaman, saying that he did what he did in order to make Aquaman return to the throne of Atlantis. Still, Aquaman is disgusted that Vulko caused the deaths of hundreds. When Aquaman asks about who could be selling Atlantean weaponry in the surface world, Vulko reminds him of a man he once thought dead: Peter Mortimer, the Scavenger. Aquaman leaves the prisons and Vulko proclaims his loyalty to him.

At the Scavenger's submarine fleet, he and his henchmen are testing the new weapons they have obtained. After seeing another of his shipments lost, the Scavengers prepares to attack an Atlantean search party.

Meanwhile, Tula meets up with Murk in secret. They speak about Aquaman's course of action regarding Orm. Murk is still loyal to Orm but Tula wants to believe Aquaman will protect her brother. Disagreeing with Aquaman, Murk suggests they rescue Orm themselves.

Mera leaves the police station and tries to go home but one of the cops handcuffs her. Another cop, Officer Watson, tells Mera that she was acquainted to Arthur when they were in school. Despite the Atlantean attack, Watson believes Arthur is a good man and that Mera is a good woman. She tries to get Mera to cooperate with them and sort things out and Mera accepts. Suddenly, a blizzard hits town, burying everyone under a torrent of snow. A large man appears in front of Mera and demands her to take him to her people so that he can be king of the seven seas again.


"Death of a King, Chapter One"[]



  • Antartica
  • Atlantis
    • Atlantean Royal Palace
      • Throne Room
    • Atlantean Prison
  • Amnesty Bay
    • Amnesty Bay Police Department