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"Throne of Atlantis, Epilogue"
Aquaman Vol 7-17 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 17
First Published: February 27, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #16
Next Issue: Aquaman #18


"Throne of Atlantis, Epilogue"[]

A group of hunters are killing whales in the ocean. Suddenly, a group of activists attempt to stop them. Captain Moller, the hunter leader, shoots them with a laser weapon, but Aquaman and a squad of Atlantean soldiers arrive to stop the hunters. As king of the oceans, Aquaman orders Moller to stop his activities. When one of the soldiers threatens to kill one of the pirates, Aquaman stops them. The soldier identifies himself as Murk. He wants to claim vengeance in the name of the dead whales. Although Murk distrusts humans, Aquaman tells him not all humans are bad. Suddenly, the environmentalists come on board. Aquaman says that the Atlanteans will take care of the criminals, but Dane Dorrance, the leader of the environmentalists, does not trust Aquaman due to the Atlantean war. In that moment, Murk attacks Dane with an Atlantean rifle for getting too close to Aquaman. However, Dane is not injured, it was just a warning shot.

Shortly afterwards, Aquaman talks to Cyborg, who says that Amanda Waller has just spoken to the President and wants to see him.

Aquaman and Waller speak about how humans have been taking possession of Atlantean weapons left from the recent attack. Waller says that Orm is facing the death penalty for his actions. The world also refuses to recognize Atlantis as a free nation. Tensions between Atlantis and the surface world are still very high. Many people, from both Atlantis and the surface, do not trust Aquaman. After all that's happened, Waller asks Aquaman what is he fighting for. Aquaman leaves, and Waller calls the authorities to arrest Mera.

In Amnesty Bay, Mera talks to her friend Jennifer about her decision not to go to Atlantis with Aquaman. Suddenly a group of cops arrives at the store Jennifer works at, demanding that Mera go with them to their station.

In the depths of the sea, Aquaman expresses his regrets to the sea creatures, proclaiming that he will not fail them again.

Meanwhile in Antarctica, the Dead King awakens from his sleeping chamber.


"Throne of Atlantis, Epilogue"[]