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"Throne of Atlantis, Chapter Four"
Aquaman Vol 7-16 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 16
First Published: January 30, 2013
Previous Issue: Aquaman #15
Next Issue: Aquaman #17


"Throne of Atlantis, Chapter Four"[]

Cyborg undergoes a surgical procedure to obtain an upgrade that will allow him to survive in the Atlantean environment. His father, Dr. Stone, takes Cyborg off-line for the operation. As soon Cyborg falls asleep, Doctors Stone and Morrow begin the procedure. Morrow wanted to activate his Tornado android for the situation, but Stone refused. Meanwhile, Cyborg activates a computer on his sleep. He is trying to rebuild the military archives so he can discover what triggered the missiles that hit Atlantis. Dr. Shin and Vulko watch the news about the war from the Watchtower's computers. The reporter believes Aquaman had been planning to betray the Justice League from the beginning, but Shin refuses to believe that. Vulko states that Shin betrayed Arthur before because he wanted to prove Atlantis' existence, and by the looks of it, he will get what he want. Proclaiming himself a loyal servant of Arthur, Vulko berates Shin for his betrayal. Vulko says that Orm has captured Aquaman and the Justice League and taken them to the ocean for a death sentence.

Aquaman and the League have been imprisoned in pods on the ocean floor. Using his trident, Aquaman frees himself and goes to help Batman, who has outfitted himself with a breathing mask. Using supersonic emitters, the two attempt to find the others. Aquaman locates Superman below their current position. Below the trench is an ancient temple. Suddenly, a Trench creature attacks Aquaman, but he slays it. Taking Batman's pod, Aquaman descends through the Trench. He considers the possibility that Orm launched the missiles himself. With the scepter of the Dead King, Orm could easily sink Boston.

Meanwhile on Boston, other heroes have begun fighting the Atlanteans. Orm orders his soldiers to set detonators across the city to sink it.

During the operation, Victor is having a dream of being a full human. Suddenly, he wakes up with his body fully upgraded. He meets up with Mera, having a lock on Batman's position.

As they go down the trench, Aquaman and Batman find more hieroglyphics about an Atlantean king holding the mysterious scepter. The images also show the Trench creatures following the king. Entering a secluded chamber, Aquaman and Batman find Superman and Wonder Woman still trapped in their pods. The Trench have paralyzed them with a fluid they naturally produce. As they are about to attack Aquaman and Batman, Cyborg and Mera arrive and help them defeat the creatures. As Superman and Wonder Woman are released from their pods, Aquaman and the group return to the surface.

Meanwhile, the Trench arrive at Boston and attack both humans and Atlanteans alike. Even Orm is confused by the creatures.

Aquaman is wondering why is Orm installing detonators if the scepter of the Dead King can sink entire cities. Cyborg has recovered a security archive from the U.S. military, he now knows who activated the missiles. As Aquaman watches the video, he realizes Orm does not have the scepter. Someone else started the war.

In the Watchtower, Vulko attacks Shin, angry at how he turned the world against Arthur. Knocking Shin out, Vulko furiously rants about how he was exiled after Arthur left Atlantis. He then brandishes the scepter of the Dead King.


"Throne of Atlantis, Chapter Four"[]



  • Detroit
  • Justice League Watchtower
  • Dark Waters