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"Throne of Atlantis, Part Two"
Aquaman Vol 7-15 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 15
First Published: December 26, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #14
Next Issue: Aquaman #16


"Throne of Atlantis, Part Two"[]

A tidal wave hits Gotham, flooding the city. Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock are about to drown, but Aquaman saves them and brings them to safety. Aquaman and Batman have been working to rescue victims, but a lot of people still drown. Meanwhile, Mera tries to push back the water into the ocean, but the strain causes her a nosebleed. Mera tells Aquaman to warn the Justice League about the Atlanteans' strategy. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane are trying to help an unconscious Vulko. Using his X-ray vision, Superman realizes Vulko is an Atlantean. Vulko wakes up, asking for King Arthur. Superman asks him to call down, but a desperate Vulko punches him, hurling Superman to a bus. It is only when Wonder Woman points his sword at his throat that Vulko calms down.

As Mera helps clear the rest of Gotham's streets, Aquaman and Batman take the Batplane in order to regroup with the League. Aquaman says that the most devastated city will the staging point for the Atlantean invasion. He knows this because he and his brother Orm developed the Atlantean war plans together. Batman asks why are the Atlanteans attacking the surface world and Aquaman answers that the recent missile test sent several missiles to the ocean floor, and they must have detonated near Atlantis.

Aquaman tells Batman about his story on Atlantis: when he first arrived, he was welcomed with open arms. Even his brother Orm declared him the new king. But even so, there were dissenters who did not like the idea of a half-blood ruling Atlantis. In order to be a more effective king, Arthur cut all ties with the surface world. But when Darkseid attacked, Arthur felt inspired to return.

Suddenly, the Batplane is hit by an Atlantean projectile, but Aquaman and Batman escape. Apparently, when Aquaman was developing the Atlantean war plans, he considered Batman a threat. When Batman asks who is next on the Atlantean hit list, Aquaman replies "Dr. Stephen Shin." As the League regroups on the Watchtower, Aquaman meets up with Vulko. Superman informs the League that the President has declared a state of emergency and Cyborg detects a large object in the coast of Boston. Aquaman tells Cyborg to protect Dr. Shin. Vulko tells Aquaman to get to his brother and convince him to stop the attack. Superman and Wonder Woman want Orm to answer for his crimes, but Aquaman is not sure if this is the right course of action, since Orm is the leader of an underwater nation, not a supervillain. Batman gives Aquaman only one chance to talk to his brother.

On the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the Trench creatures are unleashed once more.

In Boston, King Orm attacks a group of fishermen, asking where is King Arthur. Suddenly, Aquaman arrives, asking Orm to let the fishermen go. Orm asks why are Arthur's servants so confused and Aquaman replies that he is not the humans' king. The Atlantean army is beneath the surface, ready to strike at Orm's command. Aquaman asks his brother to stand down, the war was started on a mistake. Orm refuses, stating that he will sink Boston to the ocean floor.

The Justice League arrives on a boom time, intending to solve the problem in their own way. Since the Atlanteans are already starting their attack, the League intends to take Orm with them. Desperate, Aquaman grabs hold of Batman's neck.


"Throne of Atlantis, Part Two"[]