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"Throne of Atlantis Prologue"
Aquaman Vol 7-14 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 14
First Published: November 28, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #13
Next Issue: Aquaman #15


"Throne of Atlantis Prologue"[]

In 1820, a storm rages on the Atlantic Ocean. A ship is pursuing a stranger across the ocean. The sailors shoot the stranger with a harpoon and capture him in a net. The stranger, an Atlantean, is brought to the captain. It turns out that the sailors rescued the Altantean's wife earlier, however; instead of thanking them, the woman killed two sailors before she was killed. The Altantean then cut the captain's eye. Just as the captain is about to kill the Atlantean, other Atlantean surround the vessel.

In the present, Aquaman summons a group of fish in order to give a message to his brother.

At the Atlantean Palace, Orm, King of Atlantis and Aquaman's brother, has a conversation with a female consort. They discuss the prophecy of a boy born with purple eyes that will bring about the end of Atlantis. Orm disregards the prophecy as fiction and is displeased that the Atlantean people is threatening Garth, the boy in question. He orders that Garth be returned to his mother unharmed while the people who threatened him be sent in the wells for trial. In that moment, the group of fish arrive at the palace and Orm realizes his brother wants to speak to him. Although the consort is unsure, Orm agrees to have a moment with his brother in private.

At Belle Reve prison, a guard enters Black Manta's cell in order to interrogate him. Placing Manta's helmet on the table, the guard jokingly asks if Aquaman is as powerful as Manta claims to be. He is also here to give Manta the option to join the Suicide Squad. Enraged, Manta brutally assaults the guard, ranting that Aquaman is stronger than any human being. Waller and two other guards enter the cell and Manta says that he will not join Waller's team. He will die only for Aquaman.

Aquaman and Orm meet up at the wreckage of an old ship. Aquaman asks if he had anything to do with the Atlantean attack on a U.S. military base or Black Manta's attempts to obtain the Dead King's relics. Orm denies any involvement, saying that if he wanted the relics, he would Aquaman for them. Aquaman asks his brother if he plans to attack the surface world, and Orm says no.

Meanwhile at Norway, Vulko is helping a group of men how to fish when another men shows him the corpse of an Atlantean soldier. Surprised by this, Vulko knows something is wrong and dives into the sea.

The ship the brothers are in was the ship from 1820. Those sailors had killed the king and queen of Altantis. The Atlanteans were angry, so they sank the ship and left the sailors in the ocean. One by one, the sailors drowned until only the captain remained. The Atlanteans took him to the shore, but the captain demanded that he be returned to the water so that he could die alongside his men.

Orm says that Altantis could sink every ship in the ocean, but they choose not to. He then departs, but not before wishing happiness to this brother.

Later, a stranger with the Dead King's scepter goes to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and releases the Trench creatures from their prison.

To be continued...


"Throne of Atlantis Prologue"[]