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"The Others, Conclusion"
Aquaman Vol 7-13 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 13
First Published: October 24, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #12
Next Issue: Aquaman #14


"The Others, Conclusion"[]

Six years ago, on Siberia, Arthur and the Others had saved a village from an avalanche after failing to catch Black Manta. Vostok tells him that he should be glad the village is safe, but Arthur asks him how can he care so much about the villagers if he was engineered to prefer a life of solitude. Vostok replies that he still has a heart just like Arthur.

In the present, Aquaman attempts to catch Manta, but the island begins to collapse. Mera takes the Others to safety, but Manta escapes once again.

As the Others regroup on the Operative's plane, Shin still feels sorry for betraying Arthur's father, but Arthur replies that it was him who killed Manta's father. Manta didn't even killed Tom Curry; he died of a heart attack. The doctor said it was inevitable., but he went after Manta anyway. The Operative says that Manta's father was a criminal, but that does not comfort Arthur.

He then goes to retrieve a new Aquaman uniform, telling Mera that he didn't tell her about the Others because he was ashamed of what he is. He believes that Aquaman is nothing but a costume. Mera replies that everyone makes mistakes, but he can learn from them. She hugs him, saying that Arthur should not undervalue who Aquaman truly is. Ya'Wara and the Prisoner admit Mera is right. Unlike them, Arthur changed and perhaps they should have changed. In that moment, the Operative's radar locates Manta in the eye of a storm.

Manta's ship rendezvous with an Atlantean craft. A mysterious voice comes from the Altantean ship, telling Manta to deliver the scepter of the Dead King, but Manta wants his payment first. The ship's door opens, revealing a soldier carrying a chest. According to the voice, the chest contains the spoils of the ship Manta and his father were salvaging when he died. Manta and the stranger also had another deal: whenever the stranger's plans are fulfilled, the surface will belong to Manta. Just as Manta as about to give the scepter to the soldier, Aquaman appears and takes the scepter.

The Others join the battle. Aquaman believes the Atlantean ship's commanding officer is his brother Orm. The ship's captain orders a retreat, while one of his soldiers takes the scepter from Aquaman. The stranger says that he still cannot face Aquaman.

Manta continues his attack, but Aquaman defeats him. Manta goads Aquaman into killing him, so that everyone knows what kind of murderer he is. Aquaman replies that he might kill him one day, but not like this.

Later, Manta and his men are placed under arrest. The Operative and Ya'Wara decide to work together to keep the relics safe. The Prisoner believes that he should go back to the hospital, but Aquaman tells him that he needs to make peace with the families of the man that died around him.

The Prisoner visits a family in Cedar Falls, Iowa. There, he manifests the spirit of a fellow soldier, Paul, so that he can have a reunion with his wife and son.

Later, Aquaman, Mera and their dog stand on the dock at Amnesty Bay. Aquaman says that his father stood on the dock every morning to wait for his mother to return. But she never returned, and it broke his heart. Aquaman thanks Mera for accepting him and Mera promises never to leave Aquaman.

The Atlanteans watch Aquaman and Mera from afar. Knowing that Mera is a threat to their king's plans, they agree on moving her out of the way.


"The Others, Conclusion"[]