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"The Others, Chapter Five"
Aquaman Vol 7-11 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 11
First Published: July 25, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #10
Next Issue: Aquaman #12


"The Others, Chapter Five"[]

Six years ago, Aquaman and the Others visited the tomb of the first King of Atlantis. According to Aquaman, he was called the Dead King because no one knew his real name. It was the Dead King who built Atlantis and forged the ancient relics. He died during the sinking of Atlantis while searching for his wife and children.

In the present, the Operative meets up with Aquaman, Ya'Wara and the Prisoner; saying that he knows where Black Manta is.

Meanwhile, Mera fights Manta, who has come to kidnap Dr. Shin. Manta briefly stuns her with a bioelectrical shock and teleports away, taking Shin with him.

The Others regroup in the Operative's plane, and the Operative shows them a map he recovered from Manta's safe house in Oslo. He believes that Manta wants to return to the Dead King's tomb, thinking that there is a seventh relic hidden within. Aquaman thinks that Manta's ally believes that the seventh relic is weapon even more powerful than his trident. Suddenly, Vostok-X enters the Operative's plane.

As soon as Vostok reunites with the Others, Aquaman prepares to jump into the ocean, intending to reach Manta. The Prisoner believes Aquaman doesn't care about the Others; as soon as he joined the Justice League, he forgot about them. Aquaman denies this, saying that he is Manta's real target, not the Others. He is leaving because he cares about them. Vostok says that while was trained to be the perfect cosmonaut; but after he the Soviet Union collapsed, he felt without purpose, until he met the Others. He says that Aquaman can share his burdens with them. Aquaman ignores him and jumps into the ocean. Knowing that Aquaman will never listen to them, Ya'Wara says that there is someone Aquaman will listen and they will need her.

Aquaman reaches the tomb and discovers Manta and his henchmen trying to find the seventh relic. Manta tries to force Shin to help him, but Shin refuses to betray Aquaman again. One of Manta's soldiers says that two relics can triangulate the position of the hidden one. Combing the Seal of Clarity with the orb, Manta opens the Tomb, while Aquaman's trident begins to shine. Manta has found the last relic: the scepter of the Dead King.

To be continued...


"The Others, Chapter Five"[]



  • The Dead King's Tomb (Flashback and Main story)
  • Germany
  • Amnesty Bay
    • East Coast
      • Home of Dr. Shin