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"The Others, Chapter Four"
Aquaman Vol 7-10 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 10
First Published: June 27, 2012
Previous Issue: Aquaman #9
Next Issue: Aquaman #11


"The Others, Chapter Four"[]

The Operative enters a building that contains Black Manta's technology and equipment. He hacks into Manta's computers, hoping to find how did Manta found out about the Others, but he doesn't find anything useful. He then goes for the safe box and cuts it open with a golden knife, another Atlantean relic. Suddenly, Manta's henchmen enter the room and attack him. The Operative escapes, but not before taking a bullet in the abdomen. As he jumps out of the window, he shoots a wire that takes him to his jet, the Living Room.

As he sits down on a chair, the Operative takes off his mask, revealing himself to be an old man. His grandson, Aaron, asks him to retire, but the Operative will only retire when he thinks someone else can succeed him.

Meanwhile at Shin's house, Mera does not trust Shin, as he revealed Arthur's secret to the public; but Shin replies that Arthur is not the man she thinks he is. He kept an entire chapter of his life hidden from her and he did not tell her about Ya’Wara and the Others.

At Germany, Aquaman and Manta continue fighting while Ya'Wara helps Prisoner-of-War and tells him about Kahina's death. Ya'Wara and Prisoner agree that they must stop Aquaman from killing Manta, otherwise they will be left with no clues about why Manta wants the relics.

Shin tells Mera that when Tom Curry died, he asked Arthur to do one last thing for him. The day of Tom's funeral, Arthur attacked Manta's ship and killed the captain, but he realized the captain was Manta's father, while Manta was the diver. Since then, Aquaman and Manta have been locked in a cycle of vengeance.

Manta shoots Aquaman with his new optic lasers. Aquaman withstands the blast, albeit with slight burns. Then, Manta steals Ya'Wara's necklace, which contains a small globe; another relic. Manta uses the globe to teleport to Shin's house.

To be continued…


"The Others, Chapter Four"[]





  • The Living Room