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"The Trench: Part One"
Aquaman Vol 7-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 1
First Published: September 28, 2011
Previous Issue: Aquaman #0
Next Issue: Aquaman #2


"The Trench: Part One"[]

The Trench awaken from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and make their way to the surface.

In Boston, Aquaman defeats a group of thugs. Then, he gets to a diner and tries to have a meal but people begin harassing him with questions, causing him to leave. Before he leaves, however, Aquaman gives two golden coins to a waitress, telling her to put her kids through college.

At night in Amnest Bay, Aquaman stands in the shore and reminisces about a time when he was a child with his father. As they watched the sea, Aquaman asked his father why was he a lighthose keeper when he could be the captain of his own ship, and his father replied that the captains needed someone on land to help them watch the shores, and it is called responsibility. As he finishes dwelling on his memories, Mera comes to Aquaman and asks if he is okay. Aquaman tells her that he made his choice and wishes to remain in the surface to hav a new life with Mera while the people of Atlantis finds a new king.

In the ocean, a group of fishermen are attacked by the Trench.


"The Trench: Part One"[]





  • Among the customers dining at Sam's Seafood Restaurant is a glowing woman wearing a purple cloak. This character first appeared in Flashpoint #5 and makes similar cameos in all #1s of The New 52. The identity of this character is currently unknown.