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"Single Wet Female"
Aquaman Vol 5-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 2
First Published: September, 1994
Previous Issue: Aquaman #1
Next Issue: Aquaman #3


"Single Wet Female"[]

Charybdis, with his beautiful partner Scylla, explains to Aquaman that his instrumentation drains the powers from Dolphin and Aquaman, augmenting his own powers.

The injured Aqualad wakes up long enough to see a person he thinks is Tula, before falling back into unconsciousness.

Charybdis explains his plan to poison the Earth to Aquaman, then kills Scylla in a fit of insanity. She wasn't the real Scylla, his old partner, who died when a bomb went off in her hands.

Garth wakes up, the woman is there and tells him where Aquaman is, but leaves before he can confirm it is Tula.

Charybdis, trying out Aquaman's power of control over sea-life, learns that Aquaman doesn't control, he "suggests", "bargains" and "cajoles".

Garth gets a whale to break into Charybdis' stronghold, and Aquaman breaks free and chases Charybdis to the armory. Garth, however, has gotten there first, and starts a chain reaction. Everyone escapes.

Aquaman confronts Charybdis on land, and Charybdis forces Aquaman's hand into a river teeming with Pirahna, which Aquaman can't control. Dolphin shoots Charybdis, who then falls into the river himself.

Aquaman shows Dolphin his destroyed hand.


"Single Wet Female"[]



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