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"Hitting Bottom"
Aquaman Vol 5-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 1
First Published: August, 1994
Previous Issue: Aquaman #0
Next Issue: Aquaman #2


"Hitting Bottom"[]

Aquaman's life has been very chaotic as of late. Still reeling over the loss of his kingdom and family, he's secluded himself in the old Aquacave. His hair has grown and he now sports a beard. Aquaman suffers a nightmare where he finds himself drowning in a macabre abyss. Images of his father flashes before his eyes and he wakes up screaming.

Meanwhile, Aqualad torpedoes across the Atlantic en route to the sight of a sunken nuclear submarine named the Triton. On his way, he makes a stop at the Aquacave and finds Aquaman propped up against a throne of coral. Aqualad has had enough of his old mentor's recent behavior and begins attacking him, both verbally and physically. Aquaman fights back and slams Aqualad against a wall.

Once tempers cool, Aqualad explains that he is on his way to investigate the sunken Triton on behalf of an American Naval officer named Admiral Strom. Curious over the matter, Aquaman agrees to accompany him. When they arrive at the submarine they find the bodies of dead sailors and cooks floating all about them. They soon discover however, that one of the cooks is actually alive. He is a villain who calls himself Charybdis and he has baited the two heroes into a trap. Charybdis pierces Aqualad's skin with a meat cleaver and pushes him out the hull of the ship. He then demonstrates his superior strength by grabbing Aquaman by the leg and slamming him back and forth against the sea floor. Charybdis summons a miniature whirlpool that knocks Aquaman insensate. When he comes to, he finds himself strapped to a machine in Charybdis' lair. Charybdis appears before him, wearing garments more suitable for a super-villain. He shows that he has captured the "Forgotten Hero" known as Dolphin and boasts that he has left the bleeding Aqualad to die in the sea as shark bait.


"Hitting Bottom"[]




  • The Triton