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"What Matters Most"
Aquaman Vol 4-7 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 7
First Published: June, 1992
Previous Issue: Aquaman #6
Next Issue: Aquaman #8


"What Matters Most"[]

An injured Aquaman begins having visions forcing him into battle with himself, and later several members of the Justice League of America in his mind. While Aquaman deals with the visions of his son Artie, the Atlantean doctors try to save his life without the king becoming aware of Aquaman's condition.

Aquaman then is forced to confront his feelings when he is faced by Mera and Artie in his mind, as Thanatos is revealed to have returned. Meanwhile Aquaman is continuing his battle with the hallucinations, which is causing his heart to beat continuously faster something that could prove fatal.

Aquaman however manages to realize his reasons and awakens from his coma. Meanwhile Thanatos continues to observe Aquaman from a distance swearing vengeance.


"What Matters Most"[]