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"Spoils of War"
Aquaman Vol 4-12 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 12
First Published: November, 1992
Previous Issue: Aquaman #11
Next Issue: Aquaman #13


"Spoils of War"[]

Aquaman has returned home, only to stop an attack on a fellow Atlantean by three more Atlanteans all for his coral, which has become scarce with King Thesily's decree that they can no longer leave the city. The King then informs Aquaman of his being stripped of his position of ambassador, due to all of his actions there. Aquaman then finds Vulko in his struggle to live following his being removed from the council, following his recent injuries.

Aquaman and Vulko then depart for Tritonis, which Vulko has long desired to study. Aquaman then arrives at the last second to save Iqula from death at the hands of a Tritonian soldier, much to Iqula's anger viewing it as not being Aquaman's war. The King who views Aquaman's interference as breaking the rules of engagement then orders Iqula's wife Lady S'ona captured. The king's men then capture her, along with Vulko for his knowledge of Kordax. Iqula then leads his troops against the King's forces despite the respite not being over, while Aquaman sits out the battle to honor Iqula's wishes. Ritar then unveils Lady S'ona also has the curse of Kordax, as he attacks Iqula injuring him with a Poseidonis weapon, which Aquaman then threatens him with to little fear, until S'ona shows up with two sharks she's controlling prompting Ritar to reveal Vulko's location with the king which Aquaman promptly heads to.

Aquaman then arrives at the royal chambers to find the King holding Vulko at knife point threatening to kill him. Vulko however manages to free himself, as Aquaman knocks out the King. Aquaman then returns to the battlefield to learn the rebels have won the battle, Aquaman shortly after charges Iqula to watch over Vulko as he remains in Tritonis, as he leaves to explore the oceans. Vulko however gives him a parting gift to assist in his origins, passing on the Atlantis Chronicles to him.


"Spoils of War"[]