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"A Small World Incident"
Aquaman Vol 4-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 1
First Published: December, 1991
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Aquaman #2


"A Small World Incident"[]

Submarines sent from the sovereign nation of Oumland attack the domed city of Poseidonis. Repeated bombardments prove significant enough to cause a crack in the city's great dome.

Meanwhile, Aquaman goes to Newport Beach, California, where he tries to help some people move a beached whale back into the ocean. Aquaman senses that the whale beached herself following the death of her calf. He grows concerned as the local sea life have been behaving more oddly with every passing day.

In Poseidonis, King Thesily calls for an emergency council session to discuss the Oumlandian invasion. Present are Lord Vulko and Minister F'ancha. The session is interrupted as Oumlandian shock troopers (wearing deep sea gear) pierce the dome.

The invasion of Atlantis becomes public knowledge, and representatives of the United Nations convene to discuss the crisis. A politician named Mister Mission wants to enlist the aid of the Justice League, but since their international charter has been revoked, they can not rely upon their assistance.

After spending a moment of reflection at Mercy Reef, Aquaman heads towards the twelve-mile disputed area between Atlantis and Oumland. He intercepts several Oumlandian submarines and incapacitates them. After interogating one of the commanders, Aquaman discovers that Oumland's attacks against Poseidonis was actually a retaliatory strike. Aquaman heads towards the capital city to get some answers, but an Oumlandian torpedo destroys the city's dome. Aquaman and Vulko are both caught in the blast.


"A Small World Incident"[]