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"In the Shadowy Depths of Atlantis"
Aquaman Vol 2-1 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 1
First Published: February, 1986
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Aquaman #2


"In the Shadowy Depths of Atlantis"[]

The Ocean Master attacks the coastal community of New Venice, Florida – the adoptive home of Aquaman. Aquaman and Mera arrive to protect their neighborhood from the villain's brutal assault, but are surprised to discover that he is now much more powerful than he once was.

Aquaman and Ocean Master wrestle one another, while Mera uses her hard-water powers to save nearby civilians. Arthur demands to know the meaning behind this attack, but Ocean Master dodges the question, preferring instead to brag to his stepbrother about his newfound power. He quickly overcomes Aquaman and leaves his body floating on the beach. Arthur gathers himself together, but by the time he revives fully, Ocean Master is nowhere to be found.

In Atlantis, squads of soldiers surround the palace of King Vulko demanding permission to make war against the surface world. The people of Atlantis are committed towards their tradition of isolationism, and feel that the surface world's interest in their culture is an affront to their lifestyle. Vulko does not intend to authorize a war, but realizes that the angry mob could very well strip him of his power. Further, Vulko learns that someone has stolen the Royal Seal of Atlantis. Without it, he can no longer legally govern his charges.

He sends a telepathic call to Aquaman who quickly responds. Explaining the situation to him, Vulko theorizes that mystics from the Atlantean community known as Thierna Na Oge may be responsible for the Seal's theft. He provides Aquaman with a special camouflage outfit and asks him to recover the Seal.

Aquaman swims to Thierna Na Oge, but quickly finds himself embroiled in a civil war between two rival regents, King Bres and Nuada Silverhand. Nuada's soldiers attack Aquaman and take him captive.


"In the Shadowy Depths of Atlantis"[]