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General Information
Real name: Arthur Curry
Media: Smallville
Portrayed by: Alan Ritchson
Equipment: Explosive devices but mainly his own powers
Transportation: Swimming



Arthur "AC" Curry is a mysterious metahuman swimmer that has a special connection with water and the life forms within it. He is a marine biology student at the University of Miami and an active member of Green Arrow's team of pro-active heroes.

Early life[]

The precise details about the origins of AC's powers are unknown. He once told Lois and Clark that his father lived in a lighthouse, where his swimming abilities impressed AC's mother, but she died when he was a baby; whether this means that she was an Atlantean like in the comics is unknown. Subsequently attending the University of Miami, AC went on to become the University swim champion, although his record was marred when he was caught after breaking into a marine research facility to release eight dolphins back into the wild.

Season Five[]

Arthur Curry

Arthur saves Lois from drowning.

AC appeared in Crater Lake of Smallville, Kansas, to save Lois Lane from drowning, just seconds ahead of Clark Kent's life-saving attempt. However, he was in Smallville to take down a weapons project by LuthorCorp, Leviathan, that was harming undersea life. Due to his flirting with Lois, Clark, as usual, suspected the worst of him and tried to warn Lois about him, but she told him to buzz off. Clark followed AC and discovered his plan, stopping his attempt to blow up LuthorCorp's marine facility. This resulted in an underwater battle between Clark and AC. Clark went down in defeat, and realized AC was serious about his mission. After both Clark and AC made an unsuccessful attempt to convince Lex Luthor to destroy the Leviathan project, AC went down to do the job himself. However, he was captured by Lex after being shot by a tranquilizer dart and deprived of water, seriously weakening him. But Clark arrived and replenished AC, after which the latter was able to destroy Leviathan. AC left town to freely roam the high seas, after saying an emotionally-charged good-bye to Lois at Crater Lake.


Arthur Curry

Season Six[]

Arthur Curry returned to Kansas as a member of Oliver Queen's starting Justice League. Arthur was recruited by Oliver Queen when he was in Japan where Oliver saved him from "ending up in a thousand tuna cans". With Bart Allen and Victor Stone, they hope to bring down Lex's Project 33.1. Once they freed the patients of the project and got Bart, they blew up the facility of LuthorCorp. AC joined the Justice League in finding other divisions of 33.1 around the globe.

Season Eight[]


AC reappeared in the Arctic along with Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen in search of Clark who had gone missing after the Fortress collapsed. They were unsuccessful of locating him but did find his jacket in the ice. Unknown to them though, their actions against LuthorCorp who was also in the Arctic searching for Lex, would cost them. Using Chloe and her new found powers, LuthorCorp attacked AC and Dinah, taking them prisoner. Transferred to the same prison as Chloe, AC and Dinah were interrogated on the matter of Green Arrow's location but wouldn't say. The newly found Clark and Oliver arrived to save them. They were rescued but they decided with the new threat of Tess Mercer, it was best if they split up for the moment and wait for the time to strike.

Aquaman and Dinah Lance - Smallville

Arthur Curry and Dinah Lance

Powers and Abilities[]

AC has the ability to swim extraordinarily fast, breathe underwater, and communicate, through telepathy, with marine life. While in a body of water, AC has enhanced strength and the ability to throw pressurized water balls at a target that would knock them away. He also proved durable enough to take a double punch from Clark without harm while underwater. AC depends on water to give him strength and survive.

  • Enhanced Underwater Breathing: AC can stay underwater for long periods of time. He demonstrated this ability in Aqua.
  • Swimming at Super Speed - AC can swim extremely fast, he can swim faster then Clark Kent. (Aqua).
  • Super Strength- AC possesses super human strength as he is able to burst through ice from underwater and then throw a man across the room. However, he must be kept hydrated, as the longer he is out of water the weaker he gets, which is portrayed by his skin starting to scale and his inability to break free when captured. (Odyssey)
  • Communication with Marine Life- AC can communicate with any underwater creature. (Aqua)
  • Ball of Energy - While underwater AC can create a ball of energy. He used this ability on Clark in Aqua.

Aquaman of Smallville


Alan ritchson6

Arthur appears to have no invulnerability; he was shot with a tranquilizer dart which hit his neck, causing him to immediately pass out. Lex then proceeded to torture him, by tying him down and depriving him completely of water. Arthur's skin became severely chapped, and he had trouble breathing. Clark Kent activated a sprinkler system and Arthur's skin immediately healed, hinting at a healing factor activated by water.

Immediately after the water exposure, Arthur was able to break out of Lex's restraints; it's unclear if AC only has superstrength while exposed to water, or if he always has superstrength but loses the power while being tortured by water deprivation. Either way, water deprivation is clearly a major vulnerability. Its shown in season 8 after jumping out from snow, he knocked a man half way across the room.


Smallville Justice League-3
  • Smallville:
    • Season 5 - Aqua
    • Season 6 - Justice
    • Season 8 - Oddessy


  • He was born in Southern Florida.
  • Arthur was a student at the University of Miami, whose colors are orange and green. Arthur is often seen wearing orange and green, which are also the colors of Aquaman.
  • On the University of Miami swim team, he swam in multiple events and held multiple records. Not surprisingly, he also was the Team Captain and voted MVP.
  • Arthur's Justice League codename is Aquaman.
  • Like Bart Allen, Oliver Queen and Victor Stone, he attacked Clark when he met him. When Clark faced him underwater, he used a "water ball" to send him soaring out.
  • The origin of Arthur's abilities are hinted at but never fully revealed.
  • A.C is a faster swimmer than Clark Kent.
  • Aquaman is a main character in the animated mini-episodes, "Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom."
  • A Smallville spin-off series about Arthur was intended, starring Justin Hartley as "A.C.", but other from the pilot, the show never got off the ground.
  • A.C. is seen via photograph in Hex.
  • A.C., along with Bart Allen and Dinah Lance, has appeared 3 times in the show.