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Aquaman: Sovereign of the Seas
Sovereign 01
General Information
Directed by: Michael Brosnan
Produced by: Michael Brosnan
Written by: Michael Brosnan
Duration: 26 mins

Aquaman: Sovereign of the Seas was released on October 23, 2007 as a bonus feature on The Adventures of Aquaman DVD set. It features interviews with many comic book writers and historians about the evolution of the character with special attention to his animated appearances.

The interviewees also discuss Aquaman's overall importance to the DC Universe and comics in general. He was the first character in the DCU to be married and have a child. He was also the first character to witness the murder of his infant son and the dissolution of his marriage.

Some attention is given to Alan Ritchson's appearances on Smallville and to the Aquaman TV Pilot with Justin Hartley. The interviewees also mention the positive benefits of Aquaman's "appearances" on HBO's Entourage.



  • Michael Brosnan producer
  • Tim Arnold editor
  • Byron T. Levy editor
  • Aris Piliguian associate producer
  • Heather Cardone graphics
  • Special Thanks to
    • Paul Levitz
    • Dan Didio
    • Gregory Noveck
    • Lou Scheimer
    • Mark Waid
    • Michael Uslan
    • Alan Burnett
    • Rich Fogel
    • Dwayne McDuffie
    • Michael Swanigan
    • Alan Kistler
    • Alexander Gray
    • Barbara Rich
    • David Hyde