The Brightest Day Aqualad and Deadman
General Information
Real name: Kaldur'ahm
Jackson Hyde
First Appearance: The Brightest Day #4
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: Aquaman Family
Portrayed by: Khary Payton



Kaldur'ahm was an Atlantean boy who took up the alias of Jackson Hyde on the surface world. Jackson Hyde is an average student, with an on-and-off again girlfriend, that’s pretty bored in Silver City, New Mexico. Since he was young, he’s been taught by his parents to fear water…they don’t want him near it because his true parents would be able to locate him. Not to mention certain changes happen to Jackson when he gets in the water. Jackson has kept this secret hidden for years, lying to his girlfriend about being afraid of drowning, being unable to swim and being in the dark about the mysterious tattoos he’s had since birth. He’s done his best to avoid it. But soon something’s going to force him out into the open and dive into the water.

The Brightest Day

In Silver City, New Mexico, Jackson is walking through the arid New Mexico heat with his girlfriend Maria. She wants to go swimming, but he lies to her, saying he doesn't as he's never learned to swim. She persists, and as she's about to jump off a boulder, into where a body of water once was. Jackson grabs her before she can fall to her death, as there's nothing but dried out fish where the water once was. Aquaman is later contacted by the Entity, which tells him to locate Jackson before a second party does, which is Siren, her Death Squad and Black Manta. While raining, Jackson is seen outside his house where he displays for the first time his abilities, and as he began controlling the water from the rain his tattoos and eyes begin to glow. At this moment he as revealed to possess gills and webbed hands. Its also revealed that Black Manta is actually his real father, and that Mera also displays knowledge of Jackson. After witnessing Jackson in the rain, his adoptive father takes him to a cottage by the sea. He tells him that Mera had given Jackson to him, asking that he keep him away from his parents, and he was given an Atlantean chest to be opened when the truth is discovered. Before the chest can be opened, Black Manta attacks, almost killing Jackson's adoptive father before Aquaman arrives on the scene.

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