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Mera using Aquakinesis
General Information
Official name: Aquakineses
Type: Power
Used by: Xebel citizens and royalty, various others.

Aquakinesis (also Hydrokinesis and Water Warping Powers) is a powerful ability relating to the controlling of water. A proficient Aquakinetic can not only control the flow of water but even created "hard water" constructs. The ability can be attained in a myriad of ways.

Among Atlanteans, Aquakinesis is most notable for it's usage among Xebellians, notably the royal family (i.e Mera and Ryus), and is referred to as "shaping water". Despite the ability being usually reserved for the royal family members of Xebel[1][2], it is not unknown for others of Xebel descent to also possess Aquakinesis.[3]


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