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General Information
Real name: Arthur Curry, Jr.
First Appearance: Aquaman #23 (October, 1965)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Aquaman
Abilities: Hydrokinesis
Atlantean Physiology
Life Mastery
Portrayed by: None

Aquababy was the son of Aquaman and Mera.


Arthur Curry Jr. was the son of Aquaman (Arthur Curry) and Queen Mera. He had the ability to create life out of water. His uncle was the Ocean Master, the half brother of Arthur Curry. He saved Ocean Master on a number of occasions and so Ocean Master felt fond of the child despite his hatred for Aquaman.

Aquababy was murdered by Black Manta, an event that changed the Aquaman storyline. Black Manta kidnapped Aquababy and put him inside a sphere, slowly filling it with air, as Aquababy was unable to breathe outside of water. Black Manta had Aquaman fight Aqualad in exchange for Aquababy's life. Aquaman and Aqualad fought, an event that would change their relationship. After the fight Aquaman discovered that Aquababy was dead. He went after Black Manta but he could not bring himself to kill him. Later, Aquaman and Mera had another child, and they had a baby girl named princess Mareena.

Aquaman buried Aquababy at Mercy Reef - the place where Aquaman had been left as a child to die. Black Manta would later destroy Mercy Reef. Black Manta is infamous for the murder of Aquababy. Soon later, Mareena grow up and Aquamans overprotected of Mareena because he doesn’t want her to get murdered like his last son.

Blackest Night[]

He was resurrected as part of the Black Lantern Corps. Aquaman uses him to threaten and cajole Mera, now a Red Lantern, into joining him, but he fails and Aquababy is burned by Mera.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Physiology
  • Hydrokinesis: Like his mother, Arthur developed the ability to condense water molecules in order to construct geometic shapes. He could use these "hard-water" constructs for a variety of effects such as using them as projectile weapons.
  • Life Mastery: Aquababy has a unique ability all to himself, that being able to create his own forms of marine animals. As well as mutate and enlarge fish and the like to gargantuan size. He seemingly had no control over it.

Others versions[]

  • Arthur Curry Jr. appears in Tiny Titans comic book.
  • Arthur Curry Jr. appears in Scooby-Doo! Team Up issue 4.

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