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The Anunnake
General Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): Tiamat
Current Members: Tiamat
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Mobile

The Anunnake made their debut in Aquaman #15. They were created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore


The Anunnake are a dragon-like reptilian alien race who have long been enemies of the Hunter/Gatherers. Visits by these races to Earth are tied into the ancient history of Atlantis.

Tiamat is an Anunnake goddess. She apparently was on an Anunnake starship that crashed on Earth. She came to be worshiped by a number of Earth cultures, before putting herself into suspended animation.

It is clear that Tiamat is a powerful alien being who is worshiped by many. She is identified by many sources as a "Anunnake goddess." It is not yet clear to us whether Tiamat is mostly a normative representative of the Anunnake race who is worshiped by humans, or a singular and unusually powerful or godly Anunnake who was worshiped by Anunnake and humans alike. Either way, it seems clear that the Anunnake have identifiable, distinctive religious beliefs and practices.

The Anunnake vendetta against the Hunter/Gatherers, including their desire to retake all former Hunter/Gatherer colonies (Earth among them) seems to a part of core Anunnake beliefs.

The Anunnake claim they killed off the Dinosaurs, by which they may mean the alien Hunter/Gatherers who were colonizing Earth in ancient times, or they may be referring to a hybrid between the Hunter/Gatherers and Earth life. Or maybe they simply killed off Earth's dinosaurs. An Anunnake starship that looked like a meteor crashed on Earth ages ago. This ties into some modern theories that a gigantic meteor killed off the dinosaurs.


  • The word Anunnake comes from Sumerian, which means Those who came from the sky.