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Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld is a superhero created by writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn and artist Ernie Colón for the comic book series of the same name first published in 1983 by DC Comics. The series tells the story of a teenage girl named Amy Winston who discovers she is the orphaned princess of the magical land of Gemworld. She also learns that its evil ruler, Dark Opal, is out to destroy her and so she travels to Gemworld to overthrow him.


Amethyst possesses a host of powers, including flight, spell-casting, energy manipulation, matter transmutation and can tap other sources of magical energy to amplify her own powers. She is powerful enough to engage in battle with the Spectre and survive.

In other media[]

  • In 2013, a series of short animated features starring Amethyst, voiced by Sophie Oda, were aired as part of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. The seven-episode series used designs by Brianne Drouhard and was animated by Japanese studio David Production. These shorts portray Gemworld as a video game into which Amy Winston is magically transported to battle the forces of Dark Opal. It modernizes Amethyst's design, making her a Japanese-inspired magical girl, and pits her against monsters reminiscent of stock and classic video game antagonists.
  • Amethyst has a cameo appearance in the animated film DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year, voiced by Cristina Pucelli.