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Amazo YJ
General Information
Real name: Amazo
Portrayed by: Peter MacNicol
Appearances: Young Justice

Amazo is an android built by Professor Ivo. It has the ability to study then duplicate the powers and abilities of its opponents.


Young Justice[]

In "Schooled", Amazo attacked Black Canary and Green Arrow. Green Arrow summoned six other members of the Justice League for help: Superman, Captain Atom, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, and Batman. This nearly proved disastrous, as Amazo was able to replicate all of their abilities. However, the League members were able to defeat and dismantle Amazo after a four hour battle.

The League separated Amazo's parts into two trucks, to be sent to two separate STAR Labs facilities in Boston and New York. Four decoy trucks were also used. Batman ordered the Team to covertly follow and protect the two real trucks. However, the trucks were attacked en route by MONQIs, who had followed secret GPS signals emitted by the separated parts. The MONQIs defeated the young heroes, stole the parts and escaped.

The MONQIs delivered the parts to Professor Ivo in a train boxcar on its way to Gotham City, where Ivo reassembled them.

Superboy followed the MONQIs to Ivo and fought the reactivated Amazo. The battle progressed to the Gotham Academy, and Amazo appeared to have the upper hand until Robin and Kid Flash arrived to back Superboy up. They managed to distract the robot by attacking its creator, Ivo, thus keeping it on the defensive. In the end, after an arrow shot by an unknown archer saved Kid Flash's life, Superboy punched his fist into Amazo's head just as it switched between Martian Manhunter's intangibility and Superman's strength. When Amazo rematerialized, its head exploded. The remaining parts of the robot were again disassembled and sent to the two separate STAR Labs for study.

Young Justice: Invasion[]

In "Alienated", an Amazo with an intact head was put on display at the Hall of Justice.

Powers and Abilities[]

Amazo has the ability to study and copy the abilities of his enemies. During his first fight with the Justice League, he absorbed the powers of several heroes:

  • Black Canary's Canary Cry and fighting skills
  • Captain Atom's energy blasts
  • Flash's speed
  • Martian Manhunter's density shifting and shape-shifting
  • Red Tornado's wind manipulation
  • Superman's heat vision, invulnerability, and super strength


Young Justice[]

  • "Schooled"
  • "Bereft" (flashback, no lines)
  • "Auld Acquaintance" (flashback)

Young Justice: Invasion[]

  • "Alienated"

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