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General Information
Real name: Aliena
First Appearance: Aquaman #39 (June, 1968)
Created by: Bob Haney
Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Ka'Arl
Abilities: Underwater Breathing

Aliena was a Venusian raider, in the service of the notorious criminal, Ka'Arl. During a raid on Earth, Aliena fell in love with the marine hero, Aquaman, and sacrificed her life to save his.


Aliena was part of a criminal gang, of marauding aliens, that originated from the planet, Venus. Venusian authorities had left a deposit of the xeno-mineral, Uritrium, in Earth's oceans to ward off any incursions from the criminals of their world. Uritrium exposure is fatal to Venusians. Aliena was tasked with removing the Uritrium, so that the criminal gang she ran with could safely plunder the Earth. She was sent to Earth, in advance of her raiding party, to enlist the aid of Aquaman, by means of treachery and deceit. To this end, Aliena first, secretly, imperiled the sea king's life, then rescued him, "injuring" herself in the process. Her methods were designed to both curry favor with Aquaman, while also casting aspersions on his wife, Mera, driving a wedge between them. Aliena identified herself as having come from an extra-dimensional water world, not unlike the one Mera originated from. An explosion had cast her into Aquaman's world, along with a deadly radioactive element, that had already begun to kill her. Overwhelmed with sympathy for the alien beauty, Aquaman readily offered to help her with her dilemma. Aquaman buried the Uritrium deep beneath the sea floor, shielding Aliena from its lethal radiation. Aliena's gratitude was expressed in a most amorous way. Reporting the success of her mission to the gang's leader, Ka'Arl, Aliena received new orders. Aquaman's knowledge of the existence of Uritrium on Earth was considered a danger to the raiders. Aliena was told to kill him.

Using advanced Venusian technology, Aliena engineered an underwater volcanic eruption in Aquaman's vicinity. In her haste to flee the danger zone, however, Aliena became entangled in the underwater flora. Despite the danger to himself, Aquaman rescued Aliena, then bore them both to safety, away from the fury of the erupting volcano. Aquaman's selflessness in the face of certain doom weighed heavily on Aliena. The idea that he would place himself in jeopardy in order to save her life stung at her conscience. Aliena decided that she could not carry out her orders to kill Aquaman, instead opting to lie to Ka"Arl that the deed was done. Ka'Arl, at first, accepted her claim at face value, but Aquaman quickly made his presence known to the raiders, putting the lie to his "demise". Ka"Arl elected to kill the Sea King himself, but it is Aliena who, ultimately, fired the fatal shot that brought Aquaman down, re-establishing her loyalty to Ka'Arl, and the Venusian raiders. Aliena's weapon, however, had been set on stun. She had, in fact, saved the Sea King's life by keeping Ka'Arl from actually killing him. Her ruse is discovered when Aquaman again engaged the gang. Ka'Arl promises to execute Aliena for her betrayal, after he has dealt with Aquaman. While the two battle, Aliena unearths and recovers the Uritrium, exposing herself, and then Ka'Arl, to its deadly radiation. Aliena sacrificed her life to stop Ka'Arl, while also saving Aquaman's life a second time. The love she had feigned for the Sea King had become true in the end.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing

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